Simplicity with Zen Decor

Mar 20

Simplicity with Zen Decor

Many of us are moving in the direction of a more holistic approach to living and one of the most important areas which affect our overall health is our home space. As a result, room designs that incorporate Zen decorating concepts and decor styles have become increasingly popular.

The key to Zen decor is simplicity. The goal is to create a harmonious interior that simply flows, without any obsticals, clutter, or uneccesary items in the way which allows you to ‘be’ in the present moment.  Although Zen decorating is minimalistic, the items that are in the home should each have a specific use, visible, and highly functional despite their simplicity.

Zen bedroom

Zen bedroom

Working within the Zen means beginning to use more natural materials when decorating your home. The color tones in the home should be earthy, and the furniture you have around the house should have simple, clean lines and be in keeping with the color scheme. You can still add accessories when creating a zen room, but think more in terms of woven area rugs, different plants and simple floral arrangements, rice lamps, and even the use of rocks and silk pillows on the sofa.

Natural lighting is also very important, since zen decor encourages a meditative state throughout the home and big windows that let in light are very good for creating a more relaxing feel. If you are ready to take your home to the next level, then also consider creating a zen garden. The idea is to work with your home in such a way that you find a balance between form and space wherever you look or go.

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