Your Decorating Style

Your Decorating Style
Dec 18

Your Decorating Style

In today’s world we have so many choices, especially when it comes to style. When deciding which style is best for your home, begin by checking our 5 favorite themes used in interior decorating.

1. Traditional Style

Do you love homes that exude a homey, all-American feel? Then try decorating your home with a traditional style. This style is elegant yet simple giving off a warm and cozy feel. In the traditional room, furniture is upholstered and functional but not at all flashy or high-tech looking. Everything is supposed to appear even and organized, so furniture is arranged with that in mind. The colors used in a traditional design are usually neutrals and mid-range tones. Floors are wood or carpeted and windows are definitely decorated with full, flowing fabrics. Accessories are classics; like china, framed art or embroidered pieces.

Contemporary Living Room

2. Contemporary Style

If you like keeping up with what’s in style and love things with a chic modern look, you might want to decorate with a contemporary style. This style embraces clean lines, geometric shapes and clear colors to convey a sophisticated, uncluttered and spacious feel. Furniture is simple without frills or trim and floors remain uncovered and smooth. Colors used are generally neutrals, black and white but bright colors can be used to highlight certain areas. Accessories are kept to a minimum in contemporary style decorating and are arranged so that each piece stands out on its own.

3. Country Style

Tired of city life and style? Even if you can’t pick up and move out to the country, you can make your home feel like you did! Decorating your home country style means giving it a non-fussy, comfortable look that makes room for a lot of personal touch. Furnishing country style includes using wooden furniture without much upholstery that can be covered with a quilt or a mat. Natural colors are used and floors can be flagstone, ceramic tiles or hardwood. One of the ways the country look appears lived-in is by accessorizing with rustic household items, like pails or wicket baskets.

4. Feng Shui

This interesting Chinese based decorating style tries to control the energy in a room. Its strict rules of design might seem hard to follow but the basics can make any home feel more “Zen-like”. Decorating with Feng Shui means keeping energy flowing in a home. This is done by arranging furniture in an open way and being careful to choose colors that evoke calm, peaceful emotions. Decorative objects and artworks have a symbolic meaning and are meant to impact the energy. Because the sound of water symbolizes tranquility and relaxation, a small fountain is a common Feng Shui accessory.

5. Style Goes Green

Did you know that having a stylish home can help the planet? Eco friendly room decorating ideas have infiltrated the world of style. “Green Decorating” means keeping the environment in mind while you design. When “going green”, remember that the more things are reusable, biodegradable, and chemical-free, the better! Painting can be done with paints that give off low fumes and odors. Using bamboo or cork flooring, although expensive, needs to be replaced less that wood and doesn’t produce the formaldehyde gases that carpet does. Many companies now produce eco-friendly decorative accessories and household items out of recycled materials.

There are many more decorating styles out there. Don’t be afraid to combine styles or just incorporate a few new elements to create your own unique and personalized look.

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    November 15, 2009

    all of them sounds good but feng shui is my favorite