Yellow Summer Decorating Ideas

Yellow Summer Decorating Ideas
Jun 23

Yellow Summer Decorating Ideas

Cool Yellow Pillow Decorating IdeaBold yellow is summer 2011′s hottest decorating trend. This must-have tone is perfect for the warm months ahead as it brings happiness and cheer to any room. Some of the season’s most wanted shades are marigold, neon, canary, laser, and poppy. Here are some yellow summer decorating ideas to help you update your home for the season.

Yellow furniture, accessories and accents shout out against a neutral palette. To make a bold statement and attract attention, use a lot of yellow in one area of the room. In your bedroom, try a bright yellow blanket cover to turn your bed into a focal point. Bold yellow drapes are another great idea for summer. Just make sure to only have one focal point since using too much yellow will make your room look gaudy and overdone.

Yellow Living Room Decorating Idea

Yellow Room Decorating Ideas

A yellow couch is a beautiful way to add a pop of color to your living room. For a summer update on a budget, simply purchase a new yellow couch cover or large throw. Alternatively, you can try painting a bookshelf or display case in yellow. One of my favorite yellow room decorating ideas is painting one whole wall of a room yellow! Although it takes a little bit of time, it is a great way to add intense color without breaking the bank.

To complete the look, use smaller yellow accessories as colorful accents. Accessories will enhance your décor by highlighting and accentuating the focal point. Try using yellow patterned throw pillows, picture frames or flowers to tie your room together.

By incorporating a few room of these yellow room decorating ideas, you’ll be instantly creating a trendy, fun look that is perfect for summer! Do you have any great yellow finds for summer 2011? Share them here!

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