Wall Art Decorating

Feb 26

Wall Art Decorating

Everyone has greeting cards with beautiful designs that they just can’t bear to through away (I know I do!).One way to turn this “garbage” into décor is by using them for wall art! Make sure the cards are the same size and that they look good together.Then simply fasten them onto pieces of foam board that are the same size as each card to add depth.Attach each piece to a painted square piece of cardboard and mount to your wall!
wall art decorating
You can also try framing beautiful pictures from magazines.Buy a wide frame with a smaller center and hang a few coordinating magazine cutouts side by side or arranged on your wall.It’s a great way to decorate your walls at almost no cost!

For minimal artistic effort and maximum effect, try framing a fabric.You can find beautiful pieces of extra fabric either lying around your house or at the clearance section of material stores (sometimes for only a dollar).As long as the colors and design are beautiful and tasteful, framing it will instantly turn it into art.

Calligraphy is a beautiful as wall art and Japanese calligraphy especially enhances a Zen decorating style.You can do basic calligraphy on your own with just a brush and black paint.Just look at some examples and try copying the images.You might need a little artistic talent for this one, but if you keep it simple it won’t take too long to pick up.You may even be able to create some calligraphy in Japanese!

A great place to look for wall art is your kitchen.Plates, coasters and even dish towels that just take up needless space can be hung on your wall and displayed.Framed dish towels make beautiful wall art.Dishes and coasters can be hung with a frame or on their own.

These room decorating ideas may be simple, but they can make your walls look beautiful and barely cost anything.So before spending a fortune of wall art try these fun and creative techniques.

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