Summer Bedroom

Summer Bedroom
Jun 04

Summer Bedroom

It might happen on the first day the air feels warm and a pleasant summery breeze passes gently through your window. On the other hand, it may not happen until you are already a few good weeks into summer and realize your bedroom is much hotter and stuffier than you can bare.  Regardless of when it happens, you are sure to feel an urge to bring summer into your home in general, and into your bedroom in particular.  Here are some summer bedroom decorating ideas that can help you turn your space into a summer haven.

The Bed

To update your bed for summer, put away those flannel sheets and heavy comforters.  Summer is the time for crisp bed linens made from breathable fabrics such as cotton.  Avoid using sheets made from synthetic fibers, as they tend to keep the heat in.  The color of your bedding is also important in creating summer ambience in your bedroom.  White is a great choice for your summer bedroom’s linens and covers. You can also play around with floral prints, light greens and yellows or anything else that gives your bedroom a light, summery feel.


Summer is a time for less of everything- less clothing, less blankets, and less clutter.  To clear your bedroom of unnecessary clutter, try using stylish storage solutions that are perfect for summer! Wicker, bamboo and raffia storage boxes and night tables are great for adding a summery feel to your bedroom while keeping odds and ends from taking over your space.


Summer Bedroom Decorating

Summer Bedroom Decorating

Light is an essential part of any summer decor.  Dark shades or curtains should be exchanged for sheer drapes (or taken down altogether) to allow more light to shine through.  Choose white, neutral or pastel curtains.  You can also keep the windows open whenever possible to let in the fresh summer air.


Summer is the time to get rid of your heavy winter accessories, like rugs and draperies.  Instead fill your bedroom with accessories from the great outdoors! Bamboo plants, cut flowers and other greenery can create a refeshing atmosphere in your bedroom and can bring in a pleasant scent.  Other accessories can also be exchanged for more summery ones.  If your wall art is dark or heavy, try hanging a piece with brighter, paler colors.  Dark objects such as decorative bowls or candlesticks can be exchanged for clear ones made of crystal or glass that allow light to shine through.

Bringing summer into your bedroom for summer can help you be more relaxed and comfortable while facing those hot months.  So take the time and give your room a summer makeover today.

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  1. Alexis

    March 22, 2012

    I really love these ideas!! Summer is my most favorite time of the year. I’m really wanting to redecorate my room an give it a summery feel. I have yellow walls and I cant repait. Plus I’m on a tight budget. Any ideas/tips?
    Thanks so much :)

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