Small Room Furniture

Feb 02

Small Room Furniture

For those of us living in a bustling metropolis on a tight budget, a large apartment or house is but a faraway dream. If you’re like me and you the feeling of space in a room, you’ll want to maximize every inch you’ve got!

When decorating your small space, arranging furniture needs to be done thoughtfully. Putting different pieces together properly can make your room seem larger than it is.

There are different opinions out there regarding what size furniture you should use for small space decorating. Although you may want to avoid wide, bulky pieces tall furnishings can actually give your walls the illusion of height. Accessories such as plants, vases, bowls and lamps can be placed on top of high bookcases, shelves or other tall pieces to make them seem higher than they are.

Couches with legs help create an illusion of space

When it comes to the couch, try to find one with legs, so that it doesn’t sit directly on the ground. By having visual space underneath your furniture, the eye is drawn underneath increasing the perceived room space. The extra space under a couch can also be a great place for extra storage containers! Just make sure they are always pushed towards the back.

To make your room seem larger, try using backless bookshelves that let light pass through. Another trick is to paint your bookshelves the same color as the wall. It makes them seem almost as though they’ve disappeared into the background.

Just like when you are decorating any room in your house, make sure to have a focal point and keep furniture to scale.

And of course, the more multi-functional your furniture is the better. Always go for pieces with built in storage space whenever possible. Nothing makes a small room seem smaller than extra clutter!

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