Lighting for Small Room Decorating

Jan 30

Lighting for Small Room Decorating

Proper lighting can make a big difference to a small space. Light opens up small room and creates an illusion of space. When decorating a smaller space, definitely keep these lighting tips in mind!

If your room has a lot of natural light, you can maximize it by staying clear of heavy thick drapes, and using thin airy ones instead. Put in large windows if you can. “See through” furniture, like backless bookshelves that divide a room or nightstands and chairs elevated by legs, let the natural light flow through the room without being blocked. Plants and lamps next to a window draw attention outside give your room the expansive feeling of the outdoors.

Beautiful Clover Mirror from Pottery Barn

Beautiful Clover Mirror from Pottery Barn

Creating artificial light in a room can be fun and inexpensive. There’s always the option to install track or recessed lighting fixtures but although this is beautiful, it can be costly. In general, light fixtures that bounce light of the ceiling forces focus upward and gives the room a feeling of height. This effect can also be created by tall lamps. Additionally, lamps, pendant lights, even Chinese and paper lantern fixtures can creatively and attractively add light to any room. Hanging pendant lights lower will make your ceiling seem taller. Also, try lighting all four corners of the room and

Mirrors are great for creating an illusion of space in a room. They reflect natural and artificial light and create an impression of depth. One room decorating idea is to hang a large mirror facing the window, to reflect a lot of sunlight. Placing a mirror behind your sofa that is the same length as it is a bold move that helps circulate light and adds a ton of décor.

Keep in mind; good lighting is one of the essentials of small room decorating. If you want your small space to feel breathable and open, start with
lighting, for day and night.

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  1. jessica reyes

    April 25, 2012

    very nice decorating… :-)

  2. maurene Merritt

    November 14, 2009


    I am considering painting my ceiling of my bedroom the same color of the room which is cinnamon. I follow the principles of Vastu, thus the masterbed is in the Southeast cover the my home symbolic of earth. I am hoping to add depth, and a cave like cozy, grounding feel. I’m thrilled with what I have, but would like to improve (as always). What do you think? What do you think?