Romantic Decorating Ideas for your Bed

Romantic Decorating Ideas for your Bed
Aug 29

Romantic Decorating Ideas for your Bed

The bedroom is the most important room of your home to create a feeling of romance and relaxation.  But how do you turn an ordinary bedroom into a romantic retreat? Here are some romantic  decorating ideas for your bed that will help you begin to create the sensual bedroom of your dreams.

romantic decorating ideas for your bed

Since the main purpose of this room is relaxation and sleep, the bed is essentially the “raison d’être” of your bedroom.  Special attention must be paid to the bed when creating a romantic setting.  First of all, consider the type of bed.  Four-poster beds are extremely luxurious and create a romantic feel.  A french ornate bed or a canopy bed are also great choices.  A canopy in a small bedroom is great if you put it around a large bed and the nightstands as well.  It will make you feel like you are in a huge, spacious bed instead of in a small room.

Other decorating elements can make you feel like you have a new, romantic bed without actually having to buy one.  A new headboard will do wonders for your bedroom design.  You can purchase a headboard or make your own.  You can also make your own canopy by hanging sheer material around your bed from the ceiling.  See-through fabric will make your bed feel extremely sensual and “other-worldly”.  Another way to make your bed feel like newer and more romantic is by adding a mattress cover.  The extra padding and comfort will turn your bed into the place you want to be most!

The right linens are essential to creating a romantic bed.  Purchase sheets with at least a 300 thread count to ensure maximum comfort.Linens with a high thread count linens are much silkier to the touch.  Satin and silk sheets are the best for seduction, but aren’t the most practical.  Satin sheets can make sleep difficult and silk sheets need to be dry cleaned.  But they are great from time to time for a special romantic feel.  Solid white sheets that smell fresh and have a high thread count are great for everyday romantic decorating ideas for your bed.

Other essentials for creating a romantic bed are: a comfortable blanket, duvet and pillows.  It is important that all these items, including the sheets, be placed properly on the bed.  A beautifully put-together bed is very romantic.  Sheets should be folded with square corners and folded over the blanket.  The duvet can be folded in thirds and placed horizontally over the end of the bed.  Make sure the duvet is large enough that two can comfortably use it! There is nothing romantic about fighting over the comforter.

Pillows are a fun room decorating idea for your bed and the final touch.  Choose two Euro-sham-size pillows(about 26″ x 26″) for the back.  These pillows are for decoration only.  The regular sleeping pillows (2-4) are placed in front of the Euro-shams.  Then toss on a boudoir and neck pillow. The different sizes, shapes and styles of the pillows add visual interest and a comfortable, romantic look.

A romantic bed will change the entire feel of your bedroom to a more sensual one.  Stick to these principles and your bedroom will begin to transform into a romantic retreat.

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  1. Kristin

    December 23, 2010

    I love this room! What is the color on the wall called?

  2. talya

    August 30, 2010

    Ok, that four poster bed is GORGEOUS! Just that room in general.. the combo of the purple with the white sheets and the wooden floor.. the darker purple blanket at the foot of the bed.. it just looks perfect!! Even the rest of the furniture in the room works. Kudos to you for finding that pic. :-)