Painting Furniture Basics

Painting Furniture Basics
May 24

Painting Furniture Basics

One of my favorite room decorating ideas is painting furniture.  This is partially because my husband and I have a lot of furniture that’s been given to us before we were married and isn’t exactly our taste.  We recently discovered the “magic” of painting- it literally can breath new life into any piece!  Even if you’ve never painted or sanded before (like I hadn’t…) you can still take on a painting project without worrying that you’ll turn what you have into a disaster.  Painting furniture is a relatively easy and fun DIY project.  Remember- it should always be done in a well-ventilated area and the work area should be covered with newspapers to prevent stains.

Design Sponge Trunk Before and After

Design Sponge Trunk Before and After

The first step is sand down the piece you want to paint.  Sanding the furniture gets rid of the wax or finish that the piece already has.  I recommend using an electric sander, as it is much easier than sanding by hand! Just make sure that you sand each part evenly and clean up all the dust afterwards.

The next step is priming.  Primer is a kind of paint which sticks to any surface and hides strong pigments (so that you can paint white over black etc). Priming help achieve an even finish and is good to use on pieces that were stained. Make sure the surface is completely clean before priming.

You are now ready to paint.  Don’t be afraid to choose bold colors for your “”new” piece.  You can use regular latex house paint and you’ll need at least two coats.  To apply the paint, you can use rollers or brushes.  Rollers are good for larger surfaces and brushes are better for corners and small areas, so depending on your project, you may even want both.  If you are using spray paint, stand 8-12 inches from the wood when spraying. The first coat of paint can take time hours to dry completely so be patient!  You may have to wait 4-12. Once the first coat is completely dry, sand it lightly by hand so that the next coat of paint sticks better.  Once you are finished you can apply your second coat.  If you are going for a distressed or vintage look, you may want to sand again at this point.

Furniture Painting IdeasOnce you have achieved the look you want, it is time to protect your piece with finish.  There are different kinds of sealant such as clear water-based polyurethane finish, paste finishing wax and more.  The water-based finish dries more quickly while the wax gives your piece a softer look.  You can ask your local hardware store employees for details about the particular kinds of finish if you are trying to go for a certain look.

So these were the basics of painting furniture.  We would love to hear how your project went!

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  1. Phoebe

    December 11, 2013

    I would love to know the paint and color of this yellow dresser

  2. Furniture spraying

    March 18, 2012

    Its awesome post. Its very helpfull and neccesarry.

  3. mema

    March 2, 2012

    i am quite inspired…my bedroom furniture is udes to be my mothers..we made someone repaint it bt now the paint is getting lighter from some areas…i m worried…wat to do???

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