Room Decorating Ideas

  • 5 Hipster Decorating Ideas
    Jun 27

    5 Hipster Decorating Ideas

    A “hipster” is generally defined as a young, urban middle class adult who rejects mainstream society and consumerism in favor of a critical subculture which lauds critical thought, green living and obscure music.  Hipsters have a distinct style that can be described as effortlessly cool, androgynous, urban, bohemian and creative.  You are likely to find…

  • Yellow Summer Decorating Ideas
    Jun 23

    Yellow Summer Decorating Ideas

    Bold yellow is summer 2011′s hottest decorating trend. This must-have tone is perfect for the warm months ahead as it brings happiness and cheer to any room. Some of the season’s most wanted shades are marigold, neon, canary, laser, and poppy. Here are some yellow summer decorating ideas to help you update your home for…

  • Home Office Decorating Ideas: The Basics
    Sep 20

    Home Office Decorating Ideas: The Basics

    The great thing about having a home office is that you can design it to fit your personal needs! Here are some basic home office decorating ideas to help you make your home office the best work environment possible. Choose the Location Carefully. The most important aspect of your home office is that is it…

  • Romantic Decorating Ideas for your Bed
    Aug 29

    Romantic Decorating Ideas for your Bed

    The bedroom is the most important room of your home to create a feeling of romance and relaxation.  But how do you turn an ordinary bedroom into a romantic retreat? Here are some romantic  decorating ideas for your bed that will help you begin to create the sensual bedroom of your dreams. Since the main…

  • Feng Shui Nursery Decorating
    Aug 24

    Feng Shui Nursery Decorating

    Nothing is more fun for expecting parents than setting up the nursery!  But how can you ensure that the first bedroom your baby will live in is the best one you can make for him? Feng Shui decor can do a lot for your baby.  This 3000 year-old interior decorating style originated in China to…

  • Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas
    Aug 05

    Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas

    Many teens are looking for cool, fun decorating ideas for their bedrooms that are both easy and budget friendly. If you are a teen looking to redecorate without completely changing your entire room, here are some ideas. 1. Lighting Ideas. Because teen bedrooms are a place for doing homework and studying for tests, they need…