Room Decorating Ideas

  • 5 Romantic Bedroom Decorating Styles and Tips
    May 18

    5 Romantic Bedroom Decorating Styles and Tips

    What is it about a bedroom that gives it that delicious, romantic feel? Have you ever thought about what elements create a romantic atmosphere? There is no standard way to transform a bedroom into a romantic paradise, but we can show you 5 romantic bedroom decorating styles and tips that can inspire you to make your…

  • Developing a Successful Personal Decorating Style
    Feb 20

    Developing a Successful Personal Decorating Style

    There are a few elements worth considering when developing and creating your personal decorating style. The great thing is that these elements are based on a common sense philosophy of everyday living and do not require complicated schemes or a degree in interior design. They are intuitive, fresh, and can help make your decorating style…

  • Cheap Shelving Ideas
    Jan 31

    Cheap Shelving Ideas

    If you are an avid reader and have collected a sizable amount of books over time, you will definitely need a proper home for those tomes that are like old friends every time you pick one up. The challenge today is how to find shelving that is cheap, yet durable enough to hold such a…

  • Bohemian Dorm Room Decorating
    Sep 06

    Bohemian Dorm Room Decorating

    College life demands hard work and lots of studying, but it is also a time for exploration and self expression.  As much as your dorm room needs to be a functional place to sleep and study, it is a great way to let your creative flair run free and create a unique home away from…

  • Fresh Summer Decorating Tips
    Jul 20

    Fresh Summer Decorating Tips

    Summer is here and with the hot weather comes the desire to get rid of heavy fabrics and dark colors and embrace the sunshine! Here are some summer decorating tips to freshen up your home for summer. Floral Prints: Warm, beautiful summer weather just makes you want to go outside. Bring the flowing, fresh feeling…