Room Decorating Ideas

  • Organize Your Room with Style!
    Jan 08

    Organize Your Room with Style!

    Having an organized and clutter free home is a challenging task.  The key is coming up with room decorating ideas that allow for easy and attractive storage solutions.  Check out our top ideas for organizing your room with style: Documents: Don’t let important documents pile up and create clutter! You can keep them handy and…

  • Bathroom Decorating Ideas: The Essentials
    Jan 08

    Bathroom Decorating Ideas: The Essentials

    My husband is a plumber and he’s been in a lot of bathrooms. He can go on and on about the most exquisite tiles, classy faucets and stunning sinks he’s seen. He always looks online at sites selling luxury bathroom accessories drooling over the latest technology and designs. So when I asked him what essentials…

  • Living Room Accessories: Do’s and Don’ts
    Jan 08

    Living Room Accessories: Do’s and Don’ts

    Accessories enhance the furniture and overall look of any room.  They can highlight the parts of your living room you wish to draw attention to, and can give the space an overall unified look.  They can also be useful if you want to change or update your room’s style without going all out and investing…

  • Kitchen Design 101
    Jan 05

    Kitchen Design 101

    Having a beautiful kitchen design is no simple task. For many, the kitchen is the place where everyone congregates and of course, leaves all their things. It gets dirty easily, collects endless clutter and often contains outdated-looking appliances that are very expensive to replace. But being that we all spend so much time in the…

  • Dec 18

    My Best Friend’s Living Room

    I first discovered what a living room could be through a friend of mine named Talya. She was moving into a studio apartment with only one large room and a separate, very small kitchen-bathroom area. There was only a tiny bit of space to work with. But Talya was determined to make her home a…

  • Your Decorating Style
    Dec 18

    Your Decorating Style

    In today’s world we have so many choices, especially when it comes to style. When deciding which style is best for your home, begin by checking our 5 favorite themes used in interior decorating. 1. Traditional Style Do you love homes that exude a homey, all-American feel? Then try decorating your home with a traditional…