Room Decorating Ideas

  • Shabby Chic Living Room
    Mar 01

    Shabby Chic Living Room

    By decorating your home shabby chic, you can have a super stylish and trendy look while staying in a budget. The idea of shabby chic décor is to use “barely there” pastel colors use flea market finds to furnish and accessorize. Shabby chic means you are using “not perfect” looking items, vintage fabrics, white furniture…

  • Headboard Ideas
    Feb 24

    Headboard Ideas

    If you’re looking for a way to spice up your bedroom without spending a fortune, try making your own headboard.  Although this might seem pretty arduous at first, you can create your own unique headboard without being an expert of arts and crafts. A headboard is a way to mark off the area behind the…

  • Fabrics for Budget Dorm Room Decor‎
    Feb 23

    Fabrics for Budget Dorm Room Decor‎

    So you have no money to afford anything fancy. Well, the truth about dorm room ‎decorating is that a little creativity and a couple solid ideas will go a long way. Many ‎students will spend tons of money on useless items that are meant to make a boring space ‎into something personal, but decorating your…

  • Bedding Décor
    Feb 20

    Bedding Décor

    It’s not always obvious that the way you decorate your bed has a major impact on the entire aura and appearance of your bedroom. Your choice of linens, pillows, pillow cases, duvet covers, bedspreads, bed skirts and comforters is actually essential when coming up with your specific room design. Different patterns, fabrics, and colors each…

  • Bedroom Theme
    Feb 19

    Bedroom Theme

    Choosing a theme is so much fun and is something you can do in all your rooms. A theme can be absolutely anything you like, think is beautiful, or that reflects your hobbies and interests. It can be anything from city sleek, trendy, Middle Eastern, retro, Hollywood-glam, Zen industrial and even butterflies. When it comes…