Organize Your Room with Style!

Organize Your Room with Style!
Jan 08

Organize Your Room with Style!

Having an organized and clutter free home is a challenging task.  The key is coming up with room decorating ideas that allow for easy and attractive storage solutions.  Check out our top ideas for organizing your room with style:

There are many ways to stylishly organize your room.

These baby-blue boxes are great for storing documents and adding color to a wooden shelf.

Documents: Don’t let important documents pile up and create clutter! You can keep them handy and hidden in an attractive container like a square wicker basket. You can cover a less attractive box with a beautiful fabric and place a lamp, candles or other accessories on top. Make sure to keep you documents in labeled files in the container and arrange them in alphabetical order for easy retrieval.

Odds and Ends: Small pretty storage containers with lids hide clutter and can be easily integrated into a room design. They are great places to store your keys, electronic odds and ends, loose change, and those things you don’t quite know what to do with. The containers can enhance your room’s style by blending with its colors and mood.

Curtains: If you are short on closet space and don’t like the look of untidy shelves here’s a solution that can work for you. Simply hang a curtain in front of the shelf and you’ve created a closet instantly! Design your “closet” with a curtain that blends with the rest of your room, or chose a vibrant color for a bolder style.

Magazines & Newspapers: Don’t just leave your magazines sprawled over the coffee table. Magazine racks come in all shapes, colors and sizes. For a cheaper version try using decorated wine bottle racks. They do the trick just as well!

Closet Organizing: Boxes and bins are great for storing scarves, gloves, socks, and out of season clothing and using a color theme makes it all the more interesting! Use all-white boxes and bins for a calming effect or use bright colors to radiate energy. If you are using every day shoe boxes for storage, try painting them or covering them with a nice fabric to organize your room while giving it a unified look.

Desktop Solution: A great way to organize your room is with inexpensive, unused paint cans! They can be purchased at paint stores for very cheap and used for your desktop. Just line them up on the shelf. Attach them one by one with Velcro strips that are cut a bit shorter than each can, and you instant have cubbies.

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