Nursery Room Decor

Nursery Room Decor
Mar 27

Nursery Room Decor

Coming up with adorable nursery room decor ideas can be a lot of fun given the wide range of accessories you have to experiment with.  Starting from scratch gives you the most options, so to begin, start by getting a feel for the shape of the room and the focal point when you walk in. Where is the light entering from? In general, having natural light in the nursery is important for softening the colors of the room and creates an overall feeling of openess and air.

Once you have a feel for the room, probably the most important element of nursery room decor is choosing your color scheme and painting the room (or using wallpaper). Colors have profound effects on mood and should be chosen wisely.

After painting the room, the next step is to choose a crib style. There are 3 basic crib styles: standard, round, and convertible. Within these style groups, you can find crips made from wood or metal with innovative design additions to make them more comfortable and practical. Traditional, rectangular, wooden cribs are popular, so just make sure that the wood color works with the background color of the room. Crib placement can either be against the wall, or can be placed in the center of the room so that you have easy access from any side as well as using the crib as the focal point. Other basic pieces of furniture can also match the crib color, such as cabinets or a rocking chair.

Now you can start filling in the rest of the room once your major pieces of furniture are in place. Having a nice, soft, cozy rug underneath or beside the crib not only adds to the room in terms of decor, but also is very practical. Try to choose a rug that is stylish and soft yet easy to clean. Choosing a color for the rug that is a lighter or darker hue of the same color you picked for the furniture usually blends quite nicely.

Next, consider window valances which can add a bit of spunk to the color scheme. You can match them to wall borders or pillows and teddy bears. When choosing accessories for the nursery decor, think of them as an opportunity to add splashes of stimulating color. There are a variety of different lamps, pictures (including frames), and knickknacks that help bring the nursery to life.

Finally, bedding plays a huge role in your nursery room decor since there are numerous themes and designs. You can purchase themed crib sets with everything from bedding to matching diaper stacker. Try to find a set that includes as part of its design the color you painted the room, or the color you chose for the valance and wall borders. You can also easily find a matching mobile in all sorts of shapes and sizes that will fit right into the color scheme.

The most important thing to remember when thinking of nursery room decorating ideas is ultimately comfort and practicality, since you want the room to be easy to clean, cozy though not cluttered, and safe for your newborn baby.

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  1. sassy

    November 26, 2009

    When I first started looking for baby furniture I found it to be quite overwhelming so I decided to just get a full set. I got it at for a great price. Then I bought crib bedding next, before designing the nursery and that made the nursery decor come together fast. I used colors from the crib bedding set as inspiration. I painted one wall one vibrant color from the bedding and the other walls a softer color from the bedding set. Then I took a picture of the bedding and went looking for accessories and found tons that matched. Getting the bedding set first is the key to easy nursery design!

  2. Kids Furniture Friend

    May 26, 2009

    When it comes to kids furniture, safety is always the most important thing to consider. Thank you for providing such a great guide.