My Best Friend’s Living Room

Dec 18

My Best Friend’s Living Room

I first discovered what a living room could be through a friend of mine named Talya. She was moving into a studio apartment with only one large room and a separate, very small kitchen-bathroom area. There was only a tiny bit of space to work with. But Talya was determined to make her home a place where people would feel welcome and could really enjoy themselves. For Talya, the most important thing was to create a beautiful warm space where all her guests could feel relaxed and connect to each other in a comfortable and open way.

Since she already knew what kind of feeling she wanted in the room, her next step was creating a blueprint. Because every inch of space was so valuable, Talya made sure to get the measurements down exactly. She then drew in an approximation of where the furniture would be placed. Next came shopping; since she had been living in dorms for a few years, she had almost no furniture of her own. (I can put in here a link to the Ikea reviews website- by saying most of the furniture came from IKEA/ Or to see the pieces she used in her room click here). She first measured and then chose pieces that were simple but attractive, versatile and didn’t take up too much space. She then thoughtfully placed them all against the walls, making sure no piece took up more than its allotted area. Everything faced inward, creating an open space in the middle of the room so that all visitors could see one another.

She chose a color theme of creamy white, deep red and dark brown and styled almost everything in these colors. To hide her cold, bright-white tiled floor, she put down a Persian rug that was large enough to cover the entire room. A beautiful Chinese styled lamp stood in one corner. One couch was draped with an imitation bear fur cover and the other couch was encased with a cream sheet and a red and black hand-woven shawl. She purchased one inexpensive colorful painting from an artist selling his work on the street and let it hang frameless above her couch.

Candles graced every corner filling the air with a pleasant, subtle aroma. Soft music could usually be heard playing from speakers dispersed carefully around the room. Talya’s endless tea collection was a favorite accessory among many of her guests and she made sure that next to every seating area was place to put down a cup.

As you could imagine, people came by day and night to hang out in this relaxed, fun, beautiful apartment. Many jam sessions, meals, and late night conversations took place in her tiny space. But the best part of the charming apartment was that it was a direct reflection of Talya herself- beautiful, humble, musical, inviting and warm.

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