Living Room Accessories: Do’s and Don’ts

Living Room Accessories: Do’s and Don’ts
Jan 08

Living Room Accessories: Do’s and Don’ts

Accessories enhance the furniture and overall look of any room.  They can highlight the parts of your living room you wish to draw attention to, and can give the space an overall unified look.  They can also be useful if you want to change or update your room’s style without going all out and investing in new furniture.

Idea Throw pillows, art, candles, curtains, ethnic (or ethnic-looking) objects, lamps, and area rugs are all great living room decorating ideas!  Here are a few tips to make sure your room looks tasteful and not tacky:

Don’t #1: Turning Accessories into Clutter

Your living room can easily begin to look disastrous if it’s overloaded with too much stuff.  Because there is usually so much traffic in and out of the living room, people are always leaving things behind so be careful that items don’t constantly amass.  Accessories are more noticeable when they stand on their own or are arranged in a thoughtful and minimal display.  Make storage space wherever you can and periodically give away all that junk you don’t need to a local charity.

Don’t #2: Going Wrong with Artwork

Artwork should be chosen carefully and blend in with the overall feeling of your living room.  Some common mistakes that people make are hanging their artwork too high (and causing company needless neck strains!) and hanging up paintings just because they have them around.  Ugly and tacky artwork doesn’t need to be displayed just because you have nothing else to hang up!  If you don’t have something matching and attractive to display, a framed piece of fabric that matches your room’s color theme can definitely do the job.

Don’t #3: Color Matters

A point that I’ve already stressed a few times is: make sure that your accessories match the rest of your room’s design.  Living room accessories are a great way of exhibiting bright and bold colors without seeming too eccentric.  I love turquoise, but I think a turquoise wall or couch would be too much for me.  Instead I use turquoise accessories in the form of candles, through pillows and a nargilla!  Having too many colors or colors that are irrelevant will make your room look disconnected.  The bottom line with colors is to use them to pull a room together.

Don’t #4: Keeping to a Style

Even an eclectic style has rules.  A living room that half-hazardly mixes styles and patterns will just look jumbled.  Make sure your accessories blend with the style you are going for.  If your living room is modern, then choose accessories that are simple and contemporary (i.e. find another place for the massive candelabra you inherited from your grandmother).  Just like furniture, accessories some in different decorating styles

Trendy throw pillows are a great accessory for your living room!

Don’t #5: Using too many Throw Pillows

We all love throw pillows! They are great accessories for your living room.  But remember, people still have to sit on your couch! Too many throw pillows can detract from your living room by covering up furniture too much or giving the room a cluttered look.  It seems simple and obvious but is actually a common decorating mistake.  So keep throw pillows to a chic minimum.

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  1. luisa

    May 7, 2012

    hola me encanto tu página esta buenisima !!! porque estoy buscando ideas para decorar mi living, es posible si te mando una foto que me des idea de como hacerlo porque compro cosas y luego nose ubicarlas y me urge decorarlo para recibir a mis amigos.
    gracias- luisa


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