Kitchen Design 101

Kitchen Design 101
Jan 05

Kitchen Design 101

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Having a beautiful kitchen design is no simple task. For many, the kitchen is the place where everyone congregates and of course, leaves all their things. It gets dirty easily, collects endless clutter and often contains outdated-looking appliances that are very expensive to replace.

But being that we all spend so much time in the kitchen, we want it to be stylish and organized with a modern, fresh look. We want to enjoy the experiences of food and family that take place in the kitchen. To do this, it is important that everything used on a regular basis is easily accessible and can be put away neatly. There needs to be a place to put the odds and ends collected by the kitchen counters, table and shelves. Having an attractive kitchen design, of course, is also a key factor! Tastes and styles change and evolve over time, so there’s no reason for our kitchen to be stuck in the past.

When trying to come up with ideas try finding out how other people redecorated their kitchens. Browsing through magazines can give you all types of room decorating ideas, and have a lot of “before” and “after” pictures which are great for finding inspiration. Notice what colors, themes, and decorating styles appeal to you most. Look for creative solutions people found to create more space for their kitchen appliances and clutter.

Altering the look of your kitchen can accomplished either by hiring a contractor for a complete renovation, or by making smaller changes on your own. Painting the walls and cabinets can have a huge impact. So can adding pretty curtains, an area rug under the table, and new lighting fixtures especially if you are sticking to a color theme. Other ideas are to change the faucets, replace the cabinet and drawer handles and add framed art. Placing attractive covers on appliances give them a new look and can also coordinate with you colors and theme.

Don’t forget to make organization a top priority! A clean and tidy kitchen is far more appetizing than a messy one. Utility racks and drawer organizers are great investments. You can also get creative by using a bookshelf you have lying around for extra kitchen storage. Storing similar tools and appliances together makes for easy retrieval.

Styling and organizing a kitchen is a fun and creative experience. Make your decorating plan today and let the transformation begin!

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