Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Mar 12

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

One of the easiest ways to find good, solid ideas for decorating your kitchen is to begin by looking at different themes. The kitchen is one of the main rooms in our homes that we often overlook in terms of decor potential. When you buy a new home or remodel an old kitchen, you have a lot of flexibility in deciding which ‘theme’ to go with and can decorate from top to bottom accordingly. If remodeling your kitchen isn’t in the budget for the near future, then there are also ways to borrow kitchen decorating ideas from existing themes, have fun with a bit of color and accessories such as pottery, plants, or paintings, enhance your current setup, and give your kitchen a fun makeover. Most importantly, keep your eye out for ideas that don’t sacrifice practicality, because ultimately, we still have to use our kitchens to cook!

Lets start with the classics. Here is a lovely country kitchen idea. Notice the use of wood and the coloring of the cabinets and the floor. The country kitchen design itself is not fancy, yet by being simple and orderly the small addition of yellow and green coloring here and there (such as the flowers and vase) enhances the overall look and feel without breaking your budget. This kitchen creates a warm and homey country feel without going overboard.

Country Kitchen

Country Kitchen

In a somewhat similar vein as the country kitchen, Tuscan kitchen designs have become very popular. After doing some research and checking, it seems that most modern Tuscan kitchens are not quite in line with the original idea which was intended to create a beautiful rustic feel through humble means (not spending thousands of dollars on expensive vases). Architecture seems to be the main element that defines true Tuscan design (click here for a nice short article on the subject), yet for those of us who are looking to improvise, then dark, earthy colored, simple furniture balanced by natural lighting in addition to pottery, knickknacks and tapestries will do. The Tuscan style kitchen featured here does exactly the kind of improvising we are talking about: notice the pottery on top of the cabinets. The small addition of the pottery helped turn an average kitchen into something a little more exotic.

Moving on, we have another beautiful kitchen based on a modern contemporary design. The shapes of the cabinets are very plain and smooth, and the coloring is less ‘warm’ in the traditional sense. You can see here the use of a bit of purple and blue, which is meant to contrast with the cream and white cabinets while bringing out the coloring of the floor. The small kitchen table is also thin with a combination of the use of glass and metal. Rather than wood, the chairs are plastic which works very nicely to balance the wooden floor to create a modern feel without leaving you completely cold.

Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen

For those of us having to deal with smaller homes or apartments, then here is a great small kitchen design that successfully combines the element of practicality with warmth and modernity. Excellent use of shelving, counter, and cabinet space add tremendously to this small kitchen.

Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen

Lastly we have two differently themed kitchens that both make use of color as a primary decorating element. The white kitchen has a bit of a French decorating flavor to it. The use of white allows all the small additional small decorating accessories to really stand out in contrast without being dominant, which gives the overall kitchen a very clean, pristine feel. The second kitchen blatantly makes full use of rich, warm, and bright colors to give it a very fun and active atmosphere. Both uses of color help set the emotional tone of kitchen to create an interesting decorating style.

Check back with us at room decorating ideas for more kitchen decorating ideas.

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  2. Shannon

    June 24, 2011

    The photo of the tuscan kitchen is exactly what we would love to do our kitchen in. We love the yellow that was used. Do you have any idea what the color is and from where? Thanks

    • Jethro

      May 23, 2012

      thanks for the input everyone. so i guess i’m losnig… and getting killed here!!!i lOVE option B. split pea. that was my choice.when i decided to blog this, it was because i thought i could get everyone behind me to help the husband cave! hahaha. ugh. totally backfired.and while i do like husband’s choice of spring moss, i think it’s too showy and overbearing. yes? no? i’m afraid we’ll be sick of it within a month. but i see your points, i guess B is a little boring.but….still!!!!oh, if it helps: our cupboards in DC are all white and the countertops are black. the flooring is an old red brick floor (very charming and different). not too much wall space to paint besides around the cabinets and small hallway path.xo

  3. Stephanie

    January 24, 2011


    My two roommates and I live in a cheap apartment complex with bland white walls an ugly linoleum flooring in the kitchen. The appliances look like they are from the 70′s, and so do the cabinets. As much as I can’t stand them, we cannot change them. I’m looking for an affordable way for three college students to fix up their ugly kitchen without replacing the things we’re not allowed to touch, ie. cabinets, floors, appliances. The rest of the connected room, we painted two of the walls a vibrant red to create a red and white theme.

    • sara

      January 25, 2011

      @Stephanie, The best way to go about this is to give your kitchen some splashes of color to match the connected room, and you can do that through wall art, valances, and neat kitchen furniture. I would keep with the same red and white theme and go for a modern retro look. Even though you can’t change the appliances or the cabinets, you can add splashes of color through accessories such as a fruit bowl, storage containers, etc. If you don’t want to paint the walls, then wall art is definitely the way to go, or perhaps adding a patterned design to complete the retro look. In terms of furniture, I’m not sure how much space you have or what the layout is, but cool bar stools are a really nice touch, or retro looking chairs. These items are not expensive and you can pick up some cheap things at IKEA that should do the trick. You can take a couple ideas from this picture. Hanging neat paintings picked up from second hand stores is also useful. Curtains and maybe a boost to your kitchen lighting can be the finishing touch. Here is an article on wall decorating and