Home Office Decorating Ideas: The Basics

Home Office Decorating Ideas: The Basics
Sep 20

Home Office Decorating Ideas: The Basics

The great thing about having a home office is that you can design it to fit your personal needs! Here are some basic home office decorating ideas to help you make your home office the best work environment possible.

Home Office Decorating Ideas Choose the Location Carefully.
The most important aspect of your home office is that is it a place that you can get your work done.  Therefore, where the office is located is of utmost importance.  If you work better in a noisy space, you may want to place your home office in the center of your home or near a window.  Some people get distracted easily and prefer having their home office tucked away in a quiet corner.  If you plan on seeing private clients in your home office, consider access.  Do you want them to have to go through your whole house to get to the office? If not, consider placing the office near a door to the outside.

Office Layout.
One of the main elements of home office decorating is practicality.  When considering the layout, keep all the room’s activities in mind.  Will it be used only as a home office only or perhaps as a guest room as well? If this is the case, you will need a layout that can be easily shifted around to accommodate for the room’s dual functions.  Office furniture should be arranged in “L” or “U” shape so that everything important can be more or less within reach.  Make sure there are enough electrical outlets, telephone jacks and shelving units.  The furniture should complement other decor in your house but be functional as well.  Get a comfortable chair and a desk that meets your needs!

A desk organizer will help keep your home office in order.

Keep Your Space Organized.
If only one room in your house is to be kept neat and organized, it should be your home office! Nothing is worse than losing important documents or other work-related necessities.  Keeping your office is a matter of buying a few main storage items and being disciplined! Make sure you have enough shelf space and storage containers.  Dedicate 15 minutes at the end of each workday to putting everything back where it belongs.

Create a focal point.
Once you have the practical elements down, you can focus on more creative room decorating ideas.  Try an eye catching focal point for your home office. Some rooms already have unique architectural elements like a fireplace or giant window with a beautiful view.  An antique style mahogany desk or artwork can also make great focal points.

Your home office is not your cubicle at work.  Personalize your space with fun home office decorating ideas like wall color that you love! Forget bland office white or beige walls.  Decorate with colors that put you in the working zone weather those colors are lime green, black and white checkered wall paper or calming blue.  Fill your space with things that inspire you.  Feel free to decorate with pictures of your loved ones, works of art that get your creative juices flowing or wall stickers with an inspiring quote.

I hope these basic room decorating ideas gave you some inspiration for making your home office more than just a place to hold your desk and computer! Let your creativity flow and create an ideal workspace where your productivity can soar.

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  1. Replacement Windows Raleigh NC

    January 16, 2011

    Great ideas for decorating offices…
    Thank you for the post..

  2. John Coupes

    December 8, 2010

    Nice design for home office. Nowadays, it’s good to have a home office instead of going to an office everyday trying to locate stuff to fit in your small cubicle. It’s fun to work when you were more relax and had good sense of how to arrange and put together office stuff just like your post. Thanks for your nice art work.