Headboard Ideas

Headboard Ideas
Feb 24

Headboard Ideas

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your bedroom without spending a fortune, try making your own headboard.  Although this might seem pretty arduous at first, you can create your own unique headboard without being an expert of arts and crafts.

headboard ideas

A headboard is a way to mark off the area behind the bed creating a more elegant and elaborate.  There are many possible creative headboard decorating ideas.  To start simple, you can try decorating a plain wooden headboard you already have.  You could also start with a metal screen or a large artist’s canvas.

If you’re starting with a headboard that you already have, try decorating it with wallpaper decals.  They come in all colors, styles and motifs so you can create a look that matches your general room decorating idea or theme.

You can also create a bold headboard with a simple metal panel or screen.  By painting the area behind the screen, you can create a funky and bold effect. Try using either bright or metallic colors behind your screen or paint a dark shade and add shiny spots or designs in a different color. You can also attach different accessories to the screen to add flair, like butterflies or beads.

An artist’s canvas is one of my favorite headboard ideas! There is so much to work with and a lot of room for creativity.  The great thing about canvases is they are the perfect shape for putting behind the bed and can be decorated in no time.  Try covering the canvas with a piece of fabric or a variety of coordinating arranged in a pattern (for example, you can mount them in a square shape in the center of the canvas).  Painting the wall behind the canvas accentuates the headboard, especially if the paint color matches the fabric you’ve used.

Adding a headboard adds a lot to your bedroom and can be done without breaking your budget.  So start decorating and give your bedroom a cheap and stylish upgrade!

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