Girls Room Decorating Ideas

May 11

Girls Room Decorating Ideas

Decorating a girls room is fun for both daughters and mothers!

But with endless pretty colors, textures, patterns and themes to choose from, coming up with the right combination of girls room decorating ideas can seem like an overwhelming project.  might be wondering whether or not to decorate with a theme.  Here are a few things to keep in mind while decorating a girl’s room.

Girls Room Decorating Ideas

Girls Room Decorating Ideas

Keep in mind who’s room it is. Although you may have lots of ideas of how the room should look, make sure that the girl who’s room it is has a say in color and style choices.  Since she’s going to be the one living in it, she probably won’t be happy if she doesn’t like the colors.  Also, if your daughter has color suggestions that aren’t so practical or that you think she’ll grow tired of, remember that color can be spread around the room in less permanent ways than paint or wallpaper.  If hot pink is the color of choice, a hot pink poster, bedspread or area rug can be a great room decorating idea.

Choose a theme. There are countless decorating themes for girls bedrooms.  Some popular theme ideas are butterflies, flowers, and princesses.  Themes can also be color focused without specific characters.  Since girls tend to be creative about decorating their rooms and want to be involved in the process.  Ask her if there are any characters, animals or other theme-ideas that she would like incorporated in her room.

Make sure the room is comfortable.  Girls rooms’ have many purposes other than sleeping.  Depending on the girl’s age, her room can be the place of play where her imagination runs wild or the zone where she hangs out with her friends.  Make sure that it is a space that is comfortable for all the activities that she plans to do in her room and contains the necessary furniture and accessories.

Don’t skimp on the details. Small details like dressing up lampshades with ribbon or decorating windows with drapery or beads can make a huge difference in a girl’s bedroom.  Accent pillows, area rugs and wall hangings can add a lot of texture and fun to a girl’s bedroom!

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  1. Murphy

    October 21, 2012

    I want the room on the one they use as an example:)

  2. maya

    May 9, 2011

    ok well my brother had this room i have been wanting forever and finally got it but when my brother had it it looked big [because he had a air bed] but when we took the bed out of the room it looked tiny and still is so just keep putting stuff in if you have a tiny room but not so much i mwould say about from 1 to 5 thats all! paint the walls ,get a rug,shelfs would be nice and if you dont have a closet get dresser but if you do your saving alot of money and dont need a dresser put some plants in front of oyur window or have a garden underneath you window get creative!!

    • Ashlee

      April 1, 2012

      Well first of all it depends on what bed you have, for a small room a single or double would be best, but if you like having friends over try a bed bunk or one of those single beds where the drawer at the bottom is actually another little bed that just get pulled out when you need it, or a type of bed that is numerous things like its connected to a desk or wardrobe or both. Another thing to consider is what colour you paint the walls, its said that the lighter the bigger the room seems to be, and if wanted a ‘funky’ room try light green or yellow. But try to back away from the bold colours. And a great idea (this is my secret weapon of how to make you room look bigger) is to use a big mirror, because mirrors make the room appear alot bigger. Even get one of those wardrobes that the doors are mirrors because you said you wanted a cupbored, and it will make your room look bigger.
      I hope my tips help you and that you use my tips because I swear using these tips will give you the dream room you have always wanted :)
      Goodbye & Goodluck :D

  3. jjuli

    August 22, 2011

    @jjuli, ya your right