Fresh Summer Decorating Tips

Fresh Summer Decorating Tips
Jul 20

Fresh Summer Decorating Tips

Summer is here and with the hot weather comes the desire to get rid of heavy fabrics and dark colors and embrace the sunshine! Here are some summer decorating tips to freshen up your home for summer.

Floral Prints: Warm, beautiful summer weather just makes you want to go outside. Bring the flowing, fresh feeling of summer into your home with floral décor. Floral designs are ultra feminine, beautiful and fun. They can easily be incorporated into an room of your home! A floral patterned sofa or arm chair or floral wall paper will look amazing in your living room. Looking for floral room decorating ideas on the cheap? Try stapling $5 floral material to a canvas for some stunning wall décor or buying a few floral throw pillows.

Pops of Color: During the winter, days are short and cold and the long nights are a time for being comfortably cozied-up indoors. On the contrary, the summer is full of bright long days, vacations and an overall happy atmosphere. Let your home reflect your summertime cheer by incorporating bright splashes of color! Some great choices for summer are yellow, orange, honeysuckle or spring green. Pops of color can be integrated into your home via a large modern vase, a colorful wall, some vibrant wall art or new colorful drapes!

Sheer Fabrics: Sheer fabrics are a great summer decorating idea for capturing the season’s aura! Used as window shades, soft sheer fabrics let in the sunshine allowing it to illuminate your space! They imbue your room with the softness of a warm summer breeze. Sheer fabrics are also great as tablecloths, especially if they are long enough to drape down from the table and topped with a transparent glass vase of greens or flowers. Any old table can be instantly given a summer update with a whimsical, sheer tablecloth!

Getting your home ready for summer doesn’t have to mean changing around your entire space! Just follow these simple summer decorating tips and welcome the season into your house.

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  1. barrie glenn

    April 28, 2013

    i would like to know what fabric that is in the photo above and where you found it (on the wall mural). Thanks!