Flea Market Decorating Ideas

May 18

Flea Market Decorating Ideas

flea-market-decorating-ideasSummer is approaching and a a great time to check out your local flea markets for great room decorating ideas! But amidst the maze of chachkas and chinkets, where do you begin?  And how do you turn junk into something that can beautify your home?

First of all, you should arrive at a flea market early (i.e. before everything good is taken!).  Dress down, be friendly and prepare to bargain! It is good to come prepared with a tape measure and some basic measurements of your home (especially if you are planning on purchasing furniture).

An easy way to make your way through a flea market, is by color.  Try picking out a color or a few colors that you are looking for to decorate your home.  Do you have a picture on your wall that you are looking to compliment? A couch you would like to match? With a color in mind, searching for flea market decorating ideas becomes much simpler.

In general, check to see if an object is in good condition.  If you are planning on buying furniture, make sure that it is stable.  A new paint job is easy to do, but furniture that is falling apart might not be worth it.  Also check that the object will go with what you already have in your home and that there’s room for it.  Ask yourself what purpose it will serve.  Some objects, such as old trunks, can be great finds because they are versatile.  They can be used as a coffee table, a bed end, for storage and more!

Here are some more great flea market decorating ideas:

1.  Mirrors and frames. Mirrors and frames are classic flea market finds.  You can never have too many mirrors; they open up small spaces and refelct light.  Flea markets are a great place to find unique and antique frames that can be used to add decor to any room of your home.  Frames can be used not only for regular paintings but to turn less expensive items into wall art such as: tea towels, posters and even plates.

2.  Lighting. All sorts of lighting can be found at flea markets. From candles to chandeliers a flea market is full of remarkable finds.  Lighting never goes our of style and old fixtures can often be rewired without too much hassle.  New paint, shades and trims can be added to older fixtures so don’t be afraid to buy things with alittle character.

3.  Storage Items. Flea markets are loaded with storage items.  Baskets made from wicker or wire can be used to store towels in your bathroom, living room clutter such as magazines and odds and ends, and more!  Hat boxes are also great finds.  They can be stacked to create a nice display.


4.  Brass objects. Brass items are trendy now.  It may be tarnished but brass can be easily polished.  Candelsticks made from brass are a personal favorite of mine!

5.  Furniture. Last but not least- furniture.  Furniture can be repainted and often used for many different purposes.  Dressers can be sideboards and a a sofa can seat people by a table.  Look for armoirs and outdoor furniture too! Who says you can’t use an ourdoor sofa for your living room?

Do you have any unique flea market finds?

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