Feng Shui Nursery Decorating

Feng Shui Nursery Decorating
Aug 24

Feng Shui Nursery Decorating

Nothing is more fun for expecting parents than setting up the nursery!  But how can you ensure that the first bedroom your baby will live in is the best one you can make for him?

Feng Shui decor can do a lot for your baby.  This 3000 year-old interior decorating style originated in China to ensure that energy flowed properly in the home.  Feng Shui literally means “wind water” in Chinese and its practitioners believe that in order for energy to flow freely, the space must be arranged in a certain way.  Feng shui nursery decorating can give your child a healthy and relaxing space to grow and develop.

Feng shui has a lot of principles and many people consult experts to get professional advice.  But if you want to add some zen to your nursery decor and incorporate feng shui principles on your own, here are seven basic guidelines.



1. Consider the location of the nursery in the house

Many people don’t have many options when it comes to which room in their home to make the nursery.  But if you can choose a location, it might as well be ideal.  According to many feng shui experts, a nursery shouldn’t be placed over empty space such as a garage or a storage area  Also try to avoid choosing a room with a wall that is shared with a bathroom or storage closet.  The nursery should ideally be in a part of the house that is relatively quiet, so that the baby won’t be disturbed from excess noise such as the neighbors talking, the television in the family room and the like.  You should also consider choosing a room with a window so that the nursery gets plenty of light and fresh air from outside.
2. Furniture choices & arrangement

When decorating your nursery according to the principles of feng shui, furniture placement and arrangement must also be considered.  The crib should be placed so that the baby can see when a person walks into the room.   The head of the crib should be against a wall and the baby’s feet should not be pointing straight out the doorway.  In general, furniture for the nursery should be light in both weight and color.  Sharp objects should be moved away from the crib and a comfortable chair should be placed in the corner of the room.  All of these room decorating ideas are meant to provide a feeling of comfort, safety and relaxation and create a peaceful energy in the nursery.
3. Color
White, pale or pastel colors, as opposed to primary colors, are the best choice for feng shui nursery decorating.  The ceiling should be kept white regardless of what colors the walls are, to allow energy to flow properly.  There is an idea in feng shui decor that energy gets “stuck” when the walls and ceilings are painted the same color.  Pale pastels are considered to be “yin” colors and promote serenity and restfulness.  In general, white is a great color because it is associated with creativity.  Many people decorate a nursery with bright colors, but feng shui principles consider these colors too stimulating for a small baby.  For a baby, the whole world is new and it is important that they do not get overstimulated so that they can rest properly.
4. Movement
It is important to have movement in a feng shui nursery.  Air circulation is directly related to a positive, relaxing vibe.  Fans can be used to move air around a room and create dynamic energy.  Other ways of creating movement are putting a mobile hung near an open window.  In addition, there is “negative movement” which can be caused by electrical energy in a room.  Electrical energy has its own movement that can be sensed in a room.  It is therefore best not to have any electric items that can “hum” and disturb the peaceful, zen energy of your baby’s nursery.
5. Lighting
Lighting in feng shui nursery decor should be balanced.  It should not be too dark or too light in the room, as both states can affect a baby’s sleep.  Blinds are a good choice for nurseries as they allow you to adjust the amount of natural light that is let in at any time.  Soft light is important for gently stimulating your baby.  ENTER AD- the light featured here gives a soft, warm glow that is perfect for feng shui nursery decorating.

6. Decorating Accessories
Feng shui decorating is sensitive to anything too harsh or stimulating that can interfere with your baby’s rest.  It is therefore important not to hang up pictures or wall hanging with pictures of wild animals, which can be intimidating.  Other images to avoid are pictures of water, which may cause respitory or nasal issues.  Better room decorating ideas for the walls are family pictures or images from nature.
Plants make wonderful room decorating acessories.  In general, other decorating elements such as bedding, linens and other products should be made from organic, breathable materials.  Subtle patterns are more pleasant for babies that harsh graphics.


7. Clear Away the Clutter

One final principle to mention here is keeping the nursery free of clutter.  Clutter can quickly reduce energy flow and cause unrest.  It is easy for things to pile up in your baby’s room;
presents, diapers and toys can easily cause clutter and mess.  Make sure to have lots of organizing solutions so that you can keep the nursery clutter free without feeling like you are tidying up all the time.

Try these feng shui decorating ideas and make your baby’s first room a relaxing and peaceful place.

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  1. Reena

    September 20, 2011

    Thanks for this awesome tip! I am also into Feng Shui and I get my home decors for Feng Shui from a Buddhist painter friend from Australia and she has amazing Feng shui paintings over at http://www.theartofhappiness.net/paintings_flowers.htm

  2. Nakisha

    July 25, 2011

    Thanks for sharing this. Feng SHui originated from Ancient Chinese and it was brought to Europe, America and other continents. I do believe in feng shui and it really helps us in home improvements.