Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas
Apr 03

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

At first glance, your dorm room might seem like a drag. With standard furniture, awful lighting and almost no closet space, your dorm room is a decor nightmare. But there are actually many creative dorm room decorating ideas you can try. With the right accessories and simple furniture you can transform your dorm room from a lame to awesome.

Your first task is to do your research. Different dorms have different rules. Check out if your dormitory allows you to paint the walls, hang things up with nails and change the furniture. Then you’ll know what you have to work with.
Next it’s time to arrange your space. A dorm room is your home away from home so make it comfortable and welcoming to guests. Arranging your room like a living room is great if you want people to enjoy hanging out there. You can place the furniture around the room with an open space in the middle. Laying an area rug on the floor with a bunch of cushions or large floor pillows transforms your floor into a space people will love to hang out in.
Another important element to keep in mind when decorating your dorm room is lighting.  The bright florescent lights

A shoe hanger is a useful dorm room decorating idea

that dorms often come equip with are good for one thing only: studying. To create a nice ambiance in your dorm room, buy a few inexpensive lamps or candles. You can try having one big and noticeable lamp (you can find some great ones at thrift shops) and a few small ones. Putting a lamp on the floor behind a piece of furniture is a great trick for creating ambiance.

Storage is always an issue in dorm rooms so if you are allowed to bring your own furniture make sure it has a lot of extra storage space. If not, purchase a few key items like: hanging storage units (like one to put your shoes in that fits in the closet), a high shelf or closet (because floor space is limited) and storage for under the bed. Make sure your bed is elevated from the ground so that you can fit storage containers underneath. Wall-shelves are great too if your dormitory rules allow you to put them up. To hide a messy storage space, try putting a funky room divider in front of it. They come in all different colors and designs.
Last but not least, make sure to have great music, some good DVDs and lots of snacks! These fun “finishing touches” are sure to make your room the place everyone wants to be.

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