Dorm Room Accessories

Dorm Room Accessories
Jul 02

Dorm Room Accessories


Who says your dorm room can’t feel like home…or even better? Even if you are initially repulsed by stark white walls, ugly floors and outdated furniture, the right dorm room accessories can make your space fun and comfortable.  Here are a few dorm room accessories you won’t want to leave home without!


dorm-room-cork-boardA Cork Board. A cork board (or bulletin board) is a great place to hang you class schedule, memos, pictures and calendar.  The great thing about cork boards is that they can add tons of decor and personal style to your room.  You can cover the board with a funky material from a fabric shop or by “recycling” an old t-shirt or sheet with a pattern you love.  Cork boards can also be painted, decorated with ribbons or colored paper.  All you need is a staple gun and some glue. Painting the frame of the cork board (or adding one if it doesn’t come with) is another awesome dorm room decorating idea.

bed-pocketsBed Pockets.Everyone knows that in a dorm room space is sacred, so make sure to utilize all the extra space you can! One way to do this is with bed pockets.  Bed pockets are pieces of fabric that attach to your bed and are great for holding odds and ends like books, hair accessories and other small items you may want at bedside.  They are fantastic if you don’t have a nightstand, and if you do, they will help ensure that it doesn’t get too cluttered.

dorm-room-accessories-area-rugAn Awesome Rug. Most dorm rooms don’t exactly come equip with beautiful wall to wall carpeting or hardwood floors.  There is no better way to make your room stylish and homey than with an awesome rug! This is an essential dorm room accessory.  Since area rugs come in all different colors, styles and textures, finding one that is exactly your style shouldn’t be too difficult.


Wall Art. Fabric wall hangings, wall decals and posters are all great room decorating ideas for your dorm.  Search through fabric stores or second hand shops for interesting, attractive fabrics for your wall.  Fabric hanging can be large enough to cover an entire wall, which can be handy because most dorms don’t allow painting.  Wall decals are great for your dorm room because they add a lot of color and style to your walls while peeling off easily without removing paint. Framed poster art is another stylish, affordable option.


dorm-room-mirrorFull Length Mirror. A full length mirror is important for the obvious reason that you want to look great.  Also, a lot of dorms come with mirrors that are too small and/or only in the bathroom.  Even if your dorm room already comes with a mirror, there is not reason not to have two! Mirrors give small rooms the illusion of space and allow more light to shine through.  They are an easy way to add depth to a small dorm room.

Try these stylish dorm room accessories and feel comfortable and chic in your home away from home.  For more dorm room decorating ideas, click here.



  1. Patrice

    December 17, 2011

    Where can I find that rug? Its perfect! It matches my decor perfectly!!

  2. Jc555

    January 20, 2011

    Where can I buy that red full length mirror in that photo?

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