Basic Dining Room Decorating Ideas

May 09

Basic Dining Room Decorating Ideas

For some people, the dining room is where they eat every day while for others it is reserved for company and special occasions. Whether you are going for a look that is formal or functional, keep these basic dining room decorating ideas in mind.

Dining Room Decorating Ideas

1.  The Walls

For wall color ideas, try red, orange and yellow or other colors that complement food and stimulate appetite.  Neutral colors like grey or tan are also nice choices.  Try to stay away colors that clash with food like blue or hot pink. Decorating your walls with wall art or tapestries not only make for beautiful design, but are great conversation pieces.

2. Table

The table is the focal area of most dining rooms and must be chosen with care.  When deciding on a table, space and lifestyle are both important factors.  A glass table is great for a small area as it creates the illusion of space, whereas a large mahogany works great with larger areas.  Round tables are better for conversation but can’t fit as many people as rectangular tables can. Many people opt for tables that adjust in size so that they can be used when its just the family or when there’s a houseful of guests.  Try to make sure that your table matches the other furniture in the room and that the overall decorating style is considered.

3. Chairs

When choosing chairs, keep in mind both style and comfort.  Chairs backs should come higher than the table and be comfotable enough that you’ll want to sit on them the whole meal.  Make sure that they are wide and deep enough and are generally pleasant to sit on. Choose a chair base before deciding on the upholstery.  Also, make sure that your chairs are a good fit for your space.  If you are planning on using them in a freqent basis, you might not want to go with fancy, hard-to-clean material.  But if you use your dining room on special occassions only, you’ll have more freedom to go all out with a festive design.

4.  BuffetDining Room Decorating

Another basic element to any dining room is the buffet or sideboard.  This piece of furniture is an essential to any dining room as it serves both as a decorative piece as well as a place to store extra dishes, silverware, linens and accessories.  The buffet is also a great place to put a beautiful lamp and a vase of flowers.  Buffets come in all different styles and colors and can match any decorating theme.  Check out the stunning buffet below from Pottery Barn.

5.  Dining Room Accessories

Many accessories can accentuate your dining room’s style and theme.  If you have hardwood floors, area rugs under the dining area are great for defining the space.  Crystal chandeliers add incredible elegance and formality to a dining room.  Lamps and wall scones are also great dining room decorating ideas as they allow you to adjust the lighting and add drama to your space.  Fresh flowers, a table runner and displays of China or artifacts can all look great in a dining room.

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