Find Your Decorating Inspiration

Jan 10

Find Your Decorating Inspiration

Finding decorating inspiration is a fun and creative experience. A great way to remember all of your different room decorating ideas is by creating a decorating scrapbook. A scrapbook is an ongoing and developing collection of ideas and inspiration. It allows you to have a wellspring of ideas at your fingertips when the time comes to design a space.

Your scrapbook is a place to put all your ideas about colors, fabrics, furniture, styles, accessories and layouts. Fill the pages with pictures from interior design magazines or websites. You can also add photos of beautiful ideas you see everywhere; whether it is art or furniture on display or a breathtaking scenic view that’s colors enthuse you.

There are different kinds of images you can place in your scrapbook. Some will be ones that exhibit practical ideas you can implement directly in your home; such as a great furniture layout you want to copy or a funky looking bright red fridge that you must have. Other images will be merely inspirational. For example, there might be picture of a room decked out in super bold colors that you love. You can save the picture for ideas when trying to choose colorful accessories that give your room a whole new look.

Make sure to have a pencil with you to draw in images or notes of your own. You might see a knock-out display in a furniture store and not have your camera handy (or not be allowed to take photos in the store!). Draw a quick sketch or jot down a few notes about what you liked about the picture. Some stores have fabric or color samples. Definitely takes ones that you like and add them to your scrapbook!

Your scrapbook is both an artistic and helpful endeavor. Different pages of your can represent different decorating styles. Have a page for traditional style, contemporary designs, Mediterranean looks, etc. You can also have different pages signify different moods by decorating it with different colors, lines, fabrics and images that embody the feeling for you personally. This will make it easier when the time comes to bring those styles and moods into your room design.

You can also reserve a few pages of the scrapbook for your own home as it currently is. Add it pictures, a layout sketch with proper measurements, and color and fabric samples. This way you will always have a quick reference to of your home to ensure that your new purchases match and fit in to what you have already.

Don’t forget to decorate aesthetically! Make your scrapbook a beautiful piece of art that you will want to look at over and over. Design it with care and enjoy the flow of decorating inspiration it will bring!

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