Decorating Basics

Jul 10

Decorating Basics

Even if it’s your first time, room decorating can be fun, easy, and come out looking great! Below are some decorating basics for do-it-yourself designing in order to create a beautiful and workable room:

1. Get your Measurements Down

Dig through your old school supplies and get out a piece of graph paper (just like in math class). You can then decide how many inches or cm each square on the paper will represent (ex: 1 square = 10 inches). Next, bring out the tape measure and start measuring! Sketch the dimensions of your room as accurately as you can. Remember to include: windows, doors (and which way they open), and any permanent fixtures. Finally, just measure and draw in the furniture you want to arrange in your room. This will save you from spending needless time and energy on moving around your furniture in a way that doesn’t fit. Your back will appreciate it too!

2. Discover Your Color

Did you know that the color of your room can affect its mood, apparent size, and even its perceived temperature? Before choosing a color for your room, do your homework. Soft colors create a more restful and soothing feeling, while stronger colors have a more dramatic appeal. Cool colors (blues, greens, violets) give a sense of space while warm colors (oranges, reds, pinks) emanate warmth. Just remember, whatever color you chose should be one that feels right for you so that you can enjoy looking at it every day!

3. Size Matters

Different decorating methods should be applied depending on whether the room is small or large. If your room is small, you can create an illusion of space by placing mirrors and having a lighter color scheme. Make sure to use smaller furniture (it can still be comfy!) and keep clutter to a minimum. If you have a large room, you might need more furniture than normal (think: two couches). Low lighting and dark colors can make a room seem more intimate and cozy. Large rooms are a great place to display your favorite art pieces or other collections.

4. Where’s your focus?

The focal point is the first thing you see when walking into a room. People naturally focus their attention on one part of a room, and by creating an area that stands out, you determine what is focused on. It can be, for example, a fireplace, a window displaying a beautiful view, a large painting, or a grand piano. Always be sure to arrange the furniture so that it centers around your focal point.

Most importantly, don’t forget to use your creativity and have fun! It doesn’t have to be a stressful or overwhelming affair. Make decorating manageable by using these tips and you’ll be on your way to creating a beautiful new room. Check back soon at for more fun tips!

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