How to Coordinate Different Sofa Styles in your Living Room

Mar 30

How to Coordinate Different Sofa Styles in your Living Room

If you’re trying to put together a stylish living room but are stuck with a sofa and recliner that are not the same color or style, there is an easy way to turn the problem into a great room decorating idea. Lets use an actual example. My sister-in-law is an interior designer in Atlanta who had a challenging job blending the recliner my parent’s gave her as a wedding gift with her preexisting 2 piece couch set.

Different Sofa Styles in your Living Room

Different Sofa Styles in your Living Room

The addition of the recliner was welcome, but the challenge came when she placed it next to the couch set and the design, color, and fabric were radically different. The recliner was deep blue with a ribbed material, while the sofa was made of microfiber, beige, with matching solid beige pillows.

So what did she do? Brilliant and simple. First, she placed one of the beige pillows on the blue recliner, and after searching, purchased two pillows that included both beige, blue, gold,and a bit of brown and placed them with the existing pillows on the beige couch. Secondly, she bought a small, cozy beige blanket that matched the look of the microfiber and placed it over the back of the blue recliner.

Thirdly, to help with blending the color, she placed paintings nearby that also included a combination of the blue and beige though with slightly different hues, which worked beautifully in giving the living room a bit of life. She also painted the back wall behind the recliner a darker beige hue and used accessories to bring in a bit of brown.

If this isn’t an option, then always remember you can find rather inexpensive slipcovers today and give your whole living room a new look.

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  1. lovesofa

    December 4, 2009

    Well, i think another easy way to do is to buy a slipcover for the sofa so that at least the color of the sofa matches that of the recliner.

    It is very important for people to take a look at the overall decor of the living room before they shop for things like sofa and recliners.