Arijana Ruznic-Beyer

Arijana Ruznic-Beyer


I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, where I moved from Bosnia-Herzegovina almost 15 years ago.  My philosophy is deeply embedded in the love of the ‘ordinary’, which is overlooked and neglected while we pursue ‘higher’ goals and achievements.  Anywhere where our attitude towards the so-called mundane can be changed is where my path leads me. This includes our homes, gardens and anywhere where the opportunity to honour our surroundings presents itself. Treating our spaces with respect and infusing them with beauty to reflect the spirit of the place, people and nature transforms a house (apartment, studio) into a home.

Creative expression is vitally important to me. I believe that we all are creative in some way, but many of us have this creativity untapped and buried under the years of societal, cultural and familial conditioning.

My rich experiences and years of research have taught me the importance of channeling this creativity in order to transform our lives for the better. I also offer various courses involving the process of unearthing our creative and spiritual gold, which can be viewed at:

I am also currently a full-time student, while writing my first book.

I live with my beautiful teenage daughter, Leila, and share my life with my gorgeous husband, Simon. We happily and lovingly live apart.

If you have any questions, please email me at