Creating a Gorgeous Contemporary Living Room

Creating a Gorgeous Contemporary Living Room
Mar 18

Creating a Gorgeous Contemporary Living Room

Contemporary living room furniture

It’s the year 2009, and even contemporary (or modern) decor has moved forward in new directions. Nowadays, contemporary designs don’t necessarily mean cold and uncomfortable. Particularly when it comes to contemporary living rooms, today we find that what was strictly modern before has come to take on warmer tones as a lovely contrast to the more ‘metal’ or ‘plastic’ elements. The result is a striking combination of accents, textures, and colors which create a living room space that feels fresh and stylish while at the same time comfortable and practical.

In order to create a gorgeous contemporary living room, we have to first begin with the basics of contemporary design in general.  Contemporary decor is primarily minimalistic, lacks intricate details on visible surfaces, uses accents sparingly, and focuses on clean, clear lines. So how do we apply this to our living room? First of all, the concept of minimalism doesn’t mean ‘bare’; it simply means that the elements of color, texture, and accents are twice as important since the little details stand out so much more in an uncluttered room.

Contemporary living room design

Contemporary living room design

Contemporary colors are usually neutrals or muted, following a more monochromatic color scheme and that plays heavily on the idea of contrast and usually includes black.  Sometimes a contrasting, darker color can be used as an accent on one wall while the other walls are painted in a more neutral hue. The use of bright colors can also work, but is usually added in by accessories or accents throughout the room.

The furniture you choose for the room can either be unconventionally shaped or more standard, but the basis is the lack of carved details and more focus on smooth surfaces and the material. New innovative materials and especially ‘green’ furniture (environmentally friendly) is becoming more trendy.

Woods and metals are also key to the overall contemporary living room decor. The metal, which can be anything from steel to chrome, brings in a sleek, stylish feel to the room through the use of small accents, which works beautifully with wood. In contemporary design, wooden flooring and the appearance of wood in similar tones in various accessories is very popular, as long as the wood you use is smooth. Click here to read our article on creative shelving ideas.

Choosing elements to bring in a bit of texture to offset all the smooth surfaces is also very important. One of the main ways people bring in a burst of texture is by placing a tasteful, fluffy rug in the living room.  Don’t forget that you can add in fabrics here and there and that the pillows on your sofa can also be textured.

Finally, we can’t forget about the lighting, which in modern living rooms includes track lighting, creatively placed spots, and often times a funky floor lamp. The lighting you choose can also be one of the ways of adding some metal into the room. Modern living rooms also are usually well-lit with natural lighting and large windows. Combine all these elements and you can create a gorgeous, trendy, contemporary living room in your home. If you’re looking for more options, read up on decorating styles and more room decorating ideas.

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