Fabrics for Budget Dorm Room Decor‎

Fabrics for Budget Dorm Room Decor‎
Feb 23

Fabrics for Budget Dorm Room Decor‎

So you have no money to afford anything fancy. Well, the truth about dorm room ‎decorating is that a little creativity and a couple solid ideas will go a long way. Many ‎students will spend tons of money on useless items that are meant to make a boring space ‎into something personal, but decorating your dorm room can be done on a tight budget ‎just by picking up one very useful décor tool: fabric.‎

Here’s a method to the madness. The first step is to take a pencil and a piece of paper and ‎see if you can sketch a cube to approximate an empty room. The next step is to take a ‎good look around your dorm room and see how you can rearrange things to make it a bit ‎more like a living room space. Try to sketch out the different pieces of furniture into your ‎miniature room design (and don’t worry, it’s not meant to be a masterpiece). If you can ‎visualize a new room, you can create it. That’s the beauty of room decorating ideas.‎

Before you start moving anything around, take a trip down to your local fabric store ‎where they sell huge rolls of any type of material you can imagine. This is where you let ‎your imagination run wild. Look first and foremost for colors that match the current color ‎scheme of your dorm room in the event that the walls are not white.

Once you’ve settled on the colors you’re looking for, pay close attention to textures. A ‎large, soft, furry piece of material can transform any piece of furniture into something ‎warm and inviting. Brown and cream colors are great for a cozier feel. Pastels are good if ‎you’re looking for a cleaner, modern style. You can use different types of fabrics to cover ‎your bed, the floor, serve as a table cloth, a carpet, curtain, and anything else you may ‎have. Make your purchases wisely though since they charge by length.‎

The final step is to begin rearranging your room and experimenting with the fabrics you ‎bought. Fiddle around, change your mind, and don’t be afraid to adjust the lengths and ‎widths or find creative ways to hang things. The combined effect of a more inviting ‎furniture arrangement as well as the enhanced color and texture of the fabrics will be sure ‎to give your dorm room that much needed face-lift you were looking for, well within ‎your budget. ‎

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  1. bedroom painting ideas

    November 15, 2009

    good tips, thank u

  2. talya

    March 9, 2009

    Hi Diane, great to see you on Room Decorating Ideas.Net!

    The first step in creating a good golf theme is to look at all the elements we have to work with. The most obvious one would be bedding, then carpets, paintings or wall murals, and finishing up with accessories. You have to ask yourself two important questions before starting – 1) What is your budget? 2) Your kids are teenagers, so how much of a golf themed room would they feel comfortable with before feeling like it’s overdone?

    Here are a few links to get you started. Remember that golf colors are very warm and you should take advantage of the contrasting effects of light and darker fabrics with carpets and furniture.



    http://www.iznadgolf.com/gobedbaac.html (this is more for a golf themed bathroom)

    I hope this helps get you started! Let me know how it goes and feel free to ask any questions along the way. Articles on room themes will be coming soon…

  3. Diane

    March 8, 2009

    I am looking for golf stuff….I have two teenage sons and would like to decorate their bathroom and bedrooms using a golf theme