Bohemian Dorm Room Decorating

Bohemian Dorm Room Decorating
Sep 06

Bohemian Dorm Room Decorating

pink bohemian bedroomCollege life demands hard work and lots of studying, but it is also a time for exploration and self expression.  As much as your dorm room needs to be a functional place to sleep and study, it is a great way to let your creative flair run free and create a unique home away from home.  Bohemian dorm room decorating is perfect for any college student on a budget.  Not only is bohemian decorating affordable but in its essence, it emphasizes individual taste and personal expression.

Bohemian decorating is great for your wallet.  This room decorating idea incorporates unique and individual items that you can make on your own, find in your parent’s attic or purchase for pennies at a local flea market.  Some bohemian decorating ideas you can use are: antique light fixtures, old picture frames with cool carvings, rich colorful fabrics for your bed or table or a distressed vintage bookshelf.

Bohemian dorm room decorating side tableBohemian style makes use of variety: variety of textures, colors and patterns.  This is great because it means you can
mix and match to your hearts content, incorporating new items with pieces you’ve had for years.  Stripes with florals, ethnic patterns and bejeweled middle-eastern fabrics can be harmoniously brought together to create a dorm room you love. A great way to make use of variety is with wall hangings, area rugs, table cloths and bed covers.  All of these items are relatively inexpensive and can add lots of color to your space.

Another dorm room decorating idea is to try to bring in some cool “non-dorm room like” pieces to give your room character. Homey pieces like a vintage side table, a funky lamp or a Moroccan tea set will give your room a super cool, unique character!

So try these bohemian dorm room decorating ideas, but be warned! Your room might be so comfy and chill that you won’t want to go back home!

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  1. Jessica

    March 8, 2012

    Wake Up Frankie has a TON of really cute boho chic ideas. My sister is one of the bohemian inspired people, and she bought a new set from there a few months ago.

    She loves that set. Honestly, it looks much better in her room setting, but they’ve got a ton of cute stuff still.

  2. Gudbjörg

    December 5, 2011

    I just love the second picture – so inspiring. What kind of material is the sofa cover?