Bohemian Decorating

Bohemian Decorating
Jul 07

Bohemian Decorating

Bohemian decorating is original and personal.  It is about turning the mundane into chic decor with vintage items and lots of creativity.  ”Bohemians” are technically people who live non-traditional lifestyles and reject social conventions; such as artists, writers and musicians.  Although it may seem like an oxymoron to adopt a design style that is “individual” by definition, there are enough basic elements of Bohemian style that make it possible to incorporate it into your home decor.

Boho Chic Living Room from Canadian House & Home

Bohemian Living Room from Canadian House and Home

Bohemian style is all about creating warmth and interest.  It is a busy, cluttered style with a lot of interesting things going on.  There is a lot of freedom with this style and many room decorating ideas to choose from.

Regarding color, think rich, warm and deep.  Bohemian styled rooms usually have multiple colors; although a general palette should be chosen to create some kind of cohesive look.  The walls can be painted red, orange, blue, purple, deep brown or any other  rich color.  Stay away from neons or colors that are very bright, like white.  Warmth is a key factor.  Walls can also be covered with colorful tapestries and art. Pay attention to the colors of the rest of the room.  Use a few multi-colored area rugs for the floor to create diversity.  If you are decorating a bedroom, don’t forget to choose colorful blankets and linens.

Bohemian furniture is unique.  Look for pieces that stand out on their own, or that you can make stand out with some paint.  Victorian sofas are great for bohemian decor, but you can also take a regular couch and throw on an elaborate tapestry.  Flea markets are great for finding bohemian furniture!

The most fun part about bohemian decorating is accessorizing.   Accessorize with objects that have meaning or look like they were from around the world.bohemian-decor Aged photographs, ornate boxes, mirrors,  vintage perfume bottles and giant pictures are all great choices.  Things that look like they are from around the world, like animal statues, figurines or maps, are also great choices.   If you can’t afford the real deal, try imitations like a knock-off Persian rug.

Accessories that sparkle also go well with this decorating style.  Try glass beads, crystals hanging from lampshades and shiny light fixtures that give off a warm glow.

Decorating in bohemian style is definitely fun.  It is a chance to let your imagination and creativity run free…so enjoy!

If you have any pictures of rooms that you decorated using bohemian room decorating ideas we’d love to see them! Send your pictures to

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  4. estena

    November 13, 2011

    plz tell me where you got those beautiful curtains?

  5. Suzy Q

    October 3, 2011

    What a great post, thanks for all your informative information! Bohemian decorating is such a easy decorating style to mimic and can be done on a extremely tight budget. With the right eye for style, anything is possible on a budget!

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  7. Cher

    July 23, 2011

    I love bohemian decoRating,for me it is more a lifestyle,i live in ab apartment and can’t paint the walls so I use tapestries and art,pillows,and throws, my colors are reds,purples pinks of all shades it has come together beautiful,my question is how can I infuse spanish (mexican) culture with bohemian style?

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  12. deb

    April 1, 2011

    I am DYING over the colorfully-striped modular sectional on the intro to this piece — where oh where can I find it???

  13. Faith

    January 24, 2011

    I love bohemian style! I have started decorating my room in this style about a month ago and even though it looks awesome, it’s still not finished. The walls are a royal blue with antique paintings and prints on them (my dad is an antique dealer)
    I have a bed that is antique iron with iron lace headboards. the floor is polished oak with an old rug. And hanging from the centre of the ceiling is a hanging thingamajig that is exactly like the blue one pictured but it is dandelion orange and red!
    i love boho decorating because i can have all my knick-knacks and vintage clothing on display! It makes the room so cosy and fun.
    (P.S the room will never be finished because when ever i go to the thrift shop i see something that would look awesome and i have to have it)

    • sara

      January 25, 2011

      @Faith, Your room sounds amazing! We would love to see some photos. If you feel like writing an article about it, you’re welcome to send in a request and we’ll publish it for you. :-)

  14. Rug Repair

    July 7, 2010

    I have recently moved in big warehouse style apartment and even though I love the wooden floors, there are some rooms I feel that need some warmth! I have 2 large persian rugs in storage that are quite amazing, do you think I can make them work in a modern warehouse apartment? and if so can they be complimented by anything else ?

    Any advice would be much appreciated
    Thanks in advance.

    • sara

      July 20, 2010


      Although warehouse style apartments usually look great with a modern, loft-style decorating theme, your Persian rugs can still work if done
      correctly. When styling your apartment, add some soft touches, like: a white couch, warm lighting and red throw pillows.

      • Janice

        March 13, 2012

        @sara, T like the look of Bohemian Decor..anything goes and lots of colour is used. Modern meets Vintage; Old meets New. Its a fun way to create your own personal style.


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