Black and White Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Jul 23

Black and White Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Black and white decor is elegant and simple! It is a relatively easy style  to decorate your bedroom with since you already have your colors picked out from the get-go! If you’re anything like me and get overwhelmed by too many choices, you’ll love black and white bedroom decorating ideas.

One of the main principles behind modern decor is minimalism. Decorating your bedroom in black and white is an easy way to give it a sleek, contemporary look and feel that is clean and put together. Wouldn’t you like to sleep in a neatly designed, stress-free bedroom?


Start with the walls. When decorating your bedroom, start with the walls. You don’t have to paint all your walls either black or white. You can paint some walls black and others white, play around with wall decals, or use wallpaper.  You might want to use a combination or paint, decals and wallpaper like in the picture on the left.  Black walls are great for creating contrast- anything stands out on a black wall! A striped wall can also look amazing in a bedroom.

Bedroom Furniture. Each piece of furniture must be taken into account if you are going to have a complete black and white look. You can paint all your furniture in either all-black, all-white or a black-and-white pattern if the furniture is against a solid color wall. Remember to keep things neat and not too busy. Make sure to pay attention to the furniture’s details and don’t forget the bed frame, window frames, headboard etc.

Accessories and Bedding: This is the fun part! There are so many black and white room decorating ideas for your bedding, lighting, rugs and walls! Black chandeliers are super glam in a black and white bedroom. Area rugs come in all types of designs and fabrics. For the walls, you can hang black and white pictures and place them in a colorful frame for contrast (or vice-versa). Black and white curtains will look amazing in your bedroom. Just make sure that most of your bedroom accessories are black and white only and don’t contain other colors.

Black and White Bedroom Accent Colors

Accent colors: Last but not least come the accent colors. The reason I mentioned this last is because it is very important not to overdo it. You want most of your room to be black and white and you can pick one or two main accent colors to highlight specific areas of your room. Anything in color will stand out in a black and white bedroom! Some great areas to accent are your bed, via a colorful comforter or an area on the walls with a beautiful painting. You might even consider painting an entire wall or part of a wall a bright color to create a dramatic look.

What else is left to do? Nothing but get ready to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep in your chic and elegant beautiful bedroom! Click here for more black and white room decorating ideas.

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  4. gabby

    March 2, 2012

    I really like that chandilier. Can u tell me what store its from what its called and hte price?

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  7. Kelly Harper-Larkin

    November 30, 2010

    Hello there,
    I am in love will the bright pink bedding in the last photo, where can I find it?

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  10. heidi

    August 13, 2010

    I absolutely love the bedding in this photo I am just wondering where it came from!

  11. Lady

    August 12, 2010

    We are doing our whole house black and white, so this was a fun read.
    Im talking about albino white walls with black gloss door frames and skirting boards ect.
    I have had to sand the skirting boards and door frames ect cos they have stain on them and are 30 odd years old.

    The albino white and gloss black looks elegant and so we didnt have to much white we got verticals in “nutmeg” (like a brown color) and it sets it off nice. We have had only good comments about it all.

    But to set it all off i have sourced black power points (i cannot stand white on white or black on black) to go on the white walls and white light switches for the black door frames.

    It truely dose look amazing and the good thing is black and white gose with anything. The kids rooms are the same (albino walls and black gloss door frames and skirting boards) yet it gose perfect with dinosours and butterflys (2 diffrent rooms tho).

    We are doing room by room and have the loungeroom and 2 childrens rooms done.

    I love this site cos we will be reno’ing the bathroom and kitchen over the next 5 years – kitchen is first tho!

    Thanks for the site, what is your fan page id love to become a fan!

  12. sara

    July 29, 2010


    Thanks for the comment, glad you like our site! If you have pictures of your bedroom decorated in black and white that you’d like to send, we’d love to see them! You can send them to or post on our facebook fanpage.

  13. Rebecca

    July 28, 2010

    I just love how clean the black and white theme is. Two years ago I did my living room in black and white and this year I did my bedroom. I have an all white gorgeous comforter and I accented with six black and white satin pillows. I got them from http://www, I had heard about them from a girlfriend of mine when I saw her black and white room. They had several different prints in black and white and they even had a special section just for them.

    Your site is just amazing. The problem is when I click on your site I don’t get anything done for over an hour. You are fantastic. Thanks!

  14. land cruiser

    July 25, 2010

    Amazing post thank you!

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