Bedroom Design

Mar 08

Bedroom Design

Finding a proper balance between space, color, texture, and lighting is essential to quality bedroom design. We don’t all have the luxury of a large and spacious bedroom, but we do have the ability to take inspiration from great designers and architects who understood that balancing a number of elements is key.

bedroom design

Bedroom Design

One of the most difficult elements to work with is the limitations of space. In the many places I have lived, the structure of the bedrooms themselves have ranged from asymmetrical to perfectly square, abnormally narrow and long, tiny, low or high ceilings, or even simply very large. Each time the challenge was to analyze the potential of bedroom design versus the limitation of space. Buying new furniture simplifies the issue, but if we are working with existing furniture, then we have to be prepared to find creative solutions to maximize our design potential through paying attention to furniture placement.

Lighting also plays a large role in bedroom design once spacial considerations have been taken into account. Ideally, the primary lighting should be natural and if your windows are large, well-chosen curtains can add tremendously to the color and mood of the bedroom. If the option for utilizing natural lighting doesn’t exist, then focusing on the proper ceiling lights and lamps can do nearly the same thing. The options today for creative lighting are endless and relatively inexpensive.

If you’re working with new furniture, the color of the bedroom should be considered beforehand, especially if you have the option to paint. Color plays a large role in effecting our mood and contributes to the overall ambiance. If you prefer white, then a fresh layer of paint will help create a more new and clean feel to the room. If you’re willing to put in a little extra effort, you can paint a slight cream and give the bedroom a warmer feel. Those who find themselves a bit riskier can consider greens or any other variety of more powerful colors. It’s important to settle on the color before setting out to by the new furniture and accessories so that the color theme is relatively consistent.

Once you’re managed to arrange the furniture properly, utilize the lighting, and work with color, the next step is to consider the element of texture. Many people forget that texture is an incredibly powerful element in bedroom design, from the texture of the carpet to even the texture of the paintings you have on the walls. When developing and experimenting with different room decorating ideas, remember that the contrast between different textures of complementary colors can make the difference between a simple bedroom and one in which anyone who walks in will feel the touch of inspired design.

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