The Downside of Fancy Bathroom Faucets

The Downside of Fancy Bathroom Faucets
Jul 19

The Downside of Fancy Bathroom Faucets

Many people choose to add decor to their bathroom by buying expensive, fancy bathroom faucets.  Although there are many amazing faucets out there, sometimes choosing “luxury” quality might not be the best choice, despite assumptions that these faucets look and work better than standard ones. Before choosing a super fancy bathroom faucet, take a look at these common mistakes.

One of the most common mistakes people make when buying a stylish faucet is forgetting that the rest of the bathroom decor needs to match.  I have been in countless bathrooms that are plain and simple, yet the faucets are extravagant.  Stylish appliances can be a great room decorating idea in a bathroom that is equally fancy.  But when used in simple or run-down bathrooms, a fancy faucet can seem out of place and become an eyesore instead of a chic accessory.

Another problem that exists with luxury faucets is their maintenance.  They are often more difficult and more expensive to install.  Often, the complicated styles of these high-end faucets means they get blocked up easily and need to be fixed more often.  The more complex a faucet, the harder it is to keep clean and the more expensive it is to maintain.

In addition, just because you paid a lot of money for a beautiful faucet design, it doesn’t automatically mean that you are paying for quality.  There are many gorgeous, unique faucets that are made very poorly and will need to be fixed often simply because of that.  These faucets can also often take up a lot of space under the sink as they are more complicated and have more parts then regular faucets.

Today, bathroom faucets come in many types gorgeous styles and have all sorts of new functions.  Before purchasing a very fancy faucet, make sure it matches the rest of your bathroom decor and do your research.  Talk to your plumber or the staff at your local hardware store and read reviews online.  You want to make sure that the faucet you are spending so much money on because of its design will also last you for a while.

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  1. britney @ diy home and gardens

    August 16, 2012

    That blue faucet looks like something that could be found on the Starship Enterprise were you speak to operate it. Just to echo the comment above, fancy faucets are usually best left to the experts otherwise they can go horribly wrong.

  2. Bathroom Vanities

    July 22, 2010

    I think if you really want to install fancy faucets, you have to consult a really good designer first and consider the maintenance and cheaper alternatives in case they get busted.

    But at the end of the day, practicality will still be the main criterion in choosing one.