Bathroom Decorating Ideas: The Essentials

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: The Essentials
Jan 08

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: The Essentials

My husband is a plumber and he’s been in a lot of bathrooms.

He can go on and on about the most exquisite tiles, classy faucets and stunning sinks he’s seen. He always looks online at sites selling luxury bathroom accessories drooling over the latest technology and designs. So when I asked him what essentials really define a nice bathroom I was surprised that he answered “cleanliness and functionality”.

Clean and Beautiful BathroomHis reasons were as follows: people pour thousands of dollars into their bathrooms, only to find them covered with clutter and mold a few months later. Because bathrooms contain so much breakable hardware, they need to be treated with extra care to prevent major messes. Also, people decorate their bathrooms with intricate fittings and designs that often take up a lot of space making it harder to keep things clean and organized.

When designing your bathroom, making sure it’s functional means ensuring that nothing is too complicated or space-consuming. Everything should have a place and preferably, a built-in place. For example, bathtubs can have a ledge for soaps and shampoos and toilet tanks can be built into the wall with a shelf left on top. Bathroom cabinets should be used to hold only essential items and not as storage space to put all sorts of odds and ends. Clutter is thereby kept to an absolute minimum.

Although an orderly bathroom is easier to clean and maintain, keeping it in proper condition is hard work. Fighting mold, bacteria and drainage problems requires more than just a good scrub now and then.

To prevent mold from growing, make sure that the bathroom is well ventilated. Leave a window open to let the moisture out after taking a shower. This way the paint doesn’t start peeling and the tiles won’t collect mildew. Remember to wash your tiles frequently to prevent any type of buildup. It is also important to change the sealant around the bathtub or shower basin whenever it starts getting green and funky looking. Definitely don’t let that sit for too long!

To avoid needless visits from the plumber, my husband suggests constantly removing hair from your drain. Hair is always building up and causing blockages. Also make sure you use a good strainer so that hair is caught before it can get down the drain. But it is still a good idea to have a plumber come once a year to snake out your pipes. This prevents surprise blockages at unwanted times (they have the tendency to get blocked up at the worst times possible).

So before coming up with elaborate bathroom decorating ideas, keep in mind that cleanliness and functionality come first!

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  1. Yavuz

    February 19, 2012

    “cleanliness and functionality” Totaly agree with you. People spend ridiculous amount of money and time just to keep it clean and nice. What is the point !

    Thanks for sharing the post.


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