About Room Decorating Ideas

Hello and welcome to Room Decorating Ideas!

The first time that I became aware of the exciting world of room decorating was a summer back in college working for my famous interior designer uncle.  He needed a secretary and I needed a job, so with little fuss, I went to work in his interior design firm.  Lets just say that other than learning to take a certain amount of caution when working with family, I came away from my experience with a new appreciation and love for the power and complexity of room decorating.

A room is not just a room, it is incredible possibility.  Just like the white canvas of the painter, a room is waiting for a sincere and inspired person to create and actualize it.  I created this blog because I believe that room decorating is an art form that all of us can enjoy.  I want to share what I have learned over the years, and also post guest decorators and interior designers (including my uncle), to provide you with the best room decorating ideas around.

A few simple room decorating ideas are sometimes all it takes to change the feel and appeal of a room.  Through colors, forms, styles, furniture, placement, and more, we can explore the exciting world of room decorating and have a lot of fun too.