5 Romantic Bedroom Decorating Styles and Tips

5 Romantic Bedroom Decorating Styles and Tips
May 18

5 Romantic Bedroom Decorating Styles and Tips

What is it about a bedroom that gives it that delicious, romantic feel? Have you ever thought about what elements create a romantic atmosphere? There is no standard way to transform a bedroom into a romantic paradise, but we can show you 5 romantic bedroom decorating styles and tips that can inspire you to make your own bedroom just as special.

Classic Romantic Headboard

Going Classic  

Romantic Silk Throw

Romantic Silk Throw from Kumi Kookoon

To make a classic romantic bedroom, go for warmer colors with a beautifully detailed headboard. Plush pillows in the same color scheme with ruffles can be piled on the bed to make it extra inviting, and make sure to find a soft, silky throw to balance it all out. For a romantic bedroom, softness is the key, no matter what the style.

To add to the classic feel of the bedroom, a candelabra decorated with crystal and tall, lovely candles will cast a warm light and bring out the colors of the headboard, pillows and sheets. You can even paint an accent wall behind the bed for a dramatic effect and add an elegant canopy.


The Artsy Romantic Bedroom

Picture an art studio transformed into a bedroom.. Tall, white walls that capture the natural sunlight flowing into the room, a large, inviting mattress covering most of the floor, and rose petals scattered everywhere for a perfect accent effect.  One of the similarities in many romantic bedrooms is the use of the color white everywhere. White can mean many things. According to color wheel pro:

Romantic White Bedroom with Floor Mattress and Pink Accents

“White is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity. It is considered to be the color of perfection. White means safety, purity, and cleanliness… White can represent a successful beginning. In heraldry, white depicts faith and purity… angels are usually imagined wearing white clothes…” And, according to another source, the use of red and white together signifies happiness and celebration, which makes it abundantly clear why red and white seem to go together so well in our idea of romance. Putting candles in tall candelabras and other tall candle holders can nicely offset a mattress on the floor while the soft lighting pulls you into the room. Add in a bottle of white wine with two wine glasses is the perfect extra touch for the artistic romantic bedroom.

Modern with a Touch of Classic

White Italian Style Romantic Bedroom
Combining modern and classic styles is tricky but can be very powerful. Notice here again the use of white, but in this photo, the white is offset by the statue, the bold styling of the walls and the ceiling, and the use of modern, silver colored bed posts. The messy white drapes and long white bed covering make the room feel inviting and not at all severe. The rounded white pillows give a feminine touch and work very well with the fluffy cream carpet on the floor. The room has a silky feeling to it which at night would be brought out even more by the unique decorative candelabra next to the bed.

Get Creative with your Headboard

Creative Romantic Headboard

Creative Romantic Headboard

Who says that classic is the way to go? We’ve already established that candles are essential to romantic bedrooms, but they have to be lit and they eventually have to be put out. If you are not into the idea of buying candles all the time, you can still grab a few and place them around the room for ambiance, but how about using some sort of christmas-type lighting on a dark accent wall behind the bed as a unique, creative, and romantic headboard? When you crawl into bed with your loved one, the warm lights will be perfectly inviting and set the tone for the rest of the room.

Modern Luxurious

Beautiful modern classic zen romantic bedroom from Haiku Designs
Modern bedrooms have a more difficult time capturing the romantic feel we associate with the more classic styles. So what can you do to soften up the room? First and foremost (and we’ve mentioned this before) the right bedding is a must. This particular bedroom by Haiku Designs got it right. They use leopard print throw with soft and silky pillows that blend elegantly with white and cream. Haiku Designs has their own custom made backrests that give the headboard an elegant feel that only adds to the soft feel of the room. Combine that with tall candles in low, clear, holders, throw in a little sparkle with unique, low-hanging lighting fixtures, and you’ve given the entire modern room a romantic feel without overdoing it. The room still has clean, modern lines, but the small elements that offset the coldness of most modern styles has given the room a warm, inviting atmosphere. Besides, who can resist leopard print on a bed?


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