5 Hipster Decorating Ideas

5 Hipster Decorating Ideas
Jun 27

5 Hipster Decorating Ideas

A “hipster” is generally defined as a young, urban middle class adult who rejects mainstream society and consumerism in favor of a critical subculture which lauds critical thought, green living and obscure music.  Hipsters have a distinct style that can be described as effortlessly cool, androgynous, urban, bohemian and creative.  You are likely to find hipsters searching for styles at vintage stores, thrift shops and flea markets .  But even if your not a hipster, you can still incorporate this cool, urban style into your home by following these 5 hipster decorating ideas!


creative lighting idea

Tip #1: Your Bookshelf

Having a visibly displayed bookcase is hipster essential. Since hipsters pride themselves on appreciation of great literary works, a cool bookcase filled with classics is key in creating an aura of sophistication and depth.  Make sure your bookcase includes a variety of “approved reads” by authors like Franz Kafka, Kurt Vonnegut, Charles Dickens, Leo Tolstoy and other hipster faves.  The bookcase can be vintage or modern with a 60s or 70s feel.

Tip #2:  Ironic Accessories

Your hipster room should contain at least one ironic accessory that can (but doesn’t have to) function as a focal point.  The accessory could be ironic for many reasons: it could blatantly clash with the rest of the room décor, be noticeably out of context, be an object that was normative for children in the 80s or early 90s or gently mock a part of society that is considered by hipsters to be somewhat less cultured. Examples of ironic items would be a unique and wacky chandelier like this “chandelier made from shades” a piece of taxidermy (yes, I’m serious!),  a flamboyantly religious item or a 90s inspired canopy bed.

Vintage couch


Tip #3: Vintage Furnishings

The right furnishings are essential to creating an appropriate hipster vibe.  The idea is to mix modern items with enough vintage ones to show you have an appreciation for a time before furniture was mass produced.  A few key vintage finds that are actually from the 50s, 60s or 70s will be enough to create the right vibe in your home.  A retro couch, record player or old roll top desk are great room decorating ideas for your hipster pad.

Tip #4: Going Green

cool area rugNot only is going green good for the environment, it is a key ingredient of hipsterdom. Do-it-yourself, environmentally friendly elements are great additions to your home décor.  Handmade items made from recycled goods are great hipster decorating ideas and are readily available on greatgreengoods.com and other sites.  These items are generally creative, funky and great conversation pieces.  Check out this area rug made from recycled measuring tape!

Tip #5: Make it look like you didn’t try

This is my final and most difficult hipster decorating idea.  Making your décor look effortless is important to achieve the “naturally cool” vibe of a true hipster.  The room should be decorated without clear attention given to symmetry, color schemes and matching.  It should seem like items (such as an electric guitar, vintage television screen etc) simply happen to be in a certain place which looks great.  Generally, a wide array of colors and textures can be used that naturally and casually come together in a somewhat bohemian manner.

Hope you enjoyed these tips to decorate your home according to “hipster standards”.  What are you waiting for? Go raid your local thrift shop or flea market and create your glorious hipster pad!

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  1. savannah

    February 21, 2013

    I made a shelf from books (: like a tower of books and I put a lamp ontop..its really cool and a great idea<3

  2. Mom

    November 2, 2011

    Where is the glasses chandelier from?

  3. lynn

    September 22, 2011

    Ive just discovered that I am an old hipster (way to old to be a hipster).

    I have a bookshelf (has wiccan books, motorsport and even a book by my great uncle)
    I have an ironic accessory which happens to be a very ugly red glass vase with a picture of the leaning tower of Piza on it (it was my Grandmothers)
    I have vintage furnishings, well its a clock from circa 1960, I think it was a wedding present to my mum.
    I have some stuff Ive recyled too which are cunningly disguised as plant pots on the window
    I dont know if it looks like I havent tried, I just always liked to have things round about me that mean something to me.

    • sara

      October 2, 2011


      Wow! Sounds like you have some really interesting pieces :)
      Would love to see some pics!